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The Positive Effects of Technology on Education

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One of the greatest areas in which technology has the potential to benefit education is its role in being a catalyst for change in educational pedagogy. Research shows that student centered, constructivist approaches to education lead to better achievement in testing and preparing students with the skills necessary in the modern workplace.

A study done in Turkey found that students who learned in a classroom showed greater cooperation and collaboration, higher levels of learning, more confidence, and more willingness to participate in learning activities (Erdamar, 2008). Other studies have found that student centered learning leads to better performance on tests and better retention of knowledge immediately after learning as well as 30 days after learning (Karaduman, 2002).

Future workplace will require students to have skills related to technology, including the technical ability. These technical skills are not enough. Today's workplace requires that one has less tangible skills, including the ability to collaborate, interpersonal skills, creativity, and problem solving skills, to name a few. Technology, combined with a student centered, constructivist mode of learning, has the potential to provide students with higher-level cognitive and interpersonal skills (Koller, Harvey ; Magnotta, 2001).

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The Positive Effects of Technology on Education

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Scholastic and the Bill ; Melinda Gates Foundation (2012) found that teachers need more tangible learning resources such as instructional materials workbooks, technology, software programs, textbooks, and mixed media. Teachers say also that they need support to help them learn best practices and strategies for differentiation of instruction to address individual student learning needs. They want to learn teaching practices that instruct and engage students in the best possible ways. Lastly, teachers say that professional learning has a strong or very strong impact on student achievement (Killion, 2012).

Technology does not revolutionize education, but rather the way in which it is used by teachers and students. Seemingly, it is not advisable to change current classroom practices of teachers abruptly without giving enough time to get used to the presence and utilization of technology as an instructional aid. For teachers to adopt technology as an instructional aid, they need to experience some degree of success with it.

The experience will motivate them to make further and more effective instructional use. Transition from non-computer based instruction to an engaging computer-based learning environment should be gradual, smooth and well-planned. Subsequent training conducted in a timely fashion and support available, teachers will be able to make increasing instructional use of computers in the classroom (Jhurree, 2008).

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