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The Poem of John Keats

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When I entered the lackluster castle, I came upon tangible hundreds of human skin plastered to the wall. The atmosphere was dozed of iniquity as the clock struck midnight and we planned to hunt the treasure located deep inside this isolated castle.

" Hey Sam, my instincts had been telling me that this place isn't good for us " George yelled.

"Don't be headstrong George ! We will never endeavour such extraordinary places," Sam said in his chill voice.

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" All right, let's begin the journey " Sam 's voice was trembling

We strolled deeper into the castle and through the window. I could see that the sky was full of tumultuous and ominous black clouds that released a sudden shower. The waves rised as great mountains, anger in the form of water, unforgiving and turbulent. My senses believed that these were the first omens of the impending danger.

We then walked further in and I was oblivious about the smell of the rotting meat from a corpse hidden under the cushion. We came to a halt in front of a narrow corridor and I was dumbfounded to discover photos of lovely family. Curiosity grew upon us to investigate this.

Jane kindled up the candle and surprisingly found some sentences on the wall. According to her, it had said

" The treasure has been my people's desire and only a truly determined person will obtain it. However, please do not take this very lightly as you have to face the unbearable challenges. Good luck.
" I think the instructions are just fooling us as according to the book, we just need to solve this knotty puzzle " Jane said confidently

" Yes, I believe it is a trap " Sam said
Sam, behind you!

The wall just suddenly came apart and it started falling over Sam and it had smashed him completely and the blood splattered everywhere. I was shouting over the top of my lungs calling for Sam and the wall had completely blocked him and he vanished like the ships passing through the Bermuda Triangle. I knew that the chances were going slimmer. All the buildings started collapsing and Jane and I both fell to the ground and the boulders had blighted the shelter and we could feel the rough waves on us. Jane was trying to stand on the unbalanced surface but

" Jane, watch it !" Sam screamed

Two enormous rocks had trapped and the chances to rescue her were decreasing. I was conscious about the scorching heat from the fire that had spread like scuttling mice over the carpet. I used my endless effort to push the rocks over her but was ineffective.

" Jane, just leave me and tell mum and dad that I love them so much " she muttered softly

Her words splintered inside me causing more pain than cancer. She inhaled her last precious breathe and stopped breathing. I sank to my knees and my gasping wails had echoed the ruined castle. Raw tears started falling across my cheeks as I placed a kiss on her delicate forehead. After all these fruitful reminiscences, my beloved sister was gone from this world. I believed it is destiny that separates between us. Two fled, one survived.

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