The Past, Present and Future of the Webcam

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Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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If only everyone was able to experience life the way we get to now. Sometimes I just wish that back then people were able to see and speak to a spouse away at war in a matter of seconds, or be able to see your parents while away at collage any time you want. Just being able to attend a work meeting in the comfort of your own home, People reuniting with their families it’s just wonderful. We are now able to do this today thanks to the Web camera. This technology spread like wildfire as soon as it was created, and is currently used by millions of people daily.

This part of technology has a bright future. If only sooner, in 1993 the webcam was invented, the Cambridge University researchers asked themselves “how will we be able to see the coffee pot from our desks, to be able to see if it was empty or not, so that we won’t have to make and unnecessary trip to the Trojan room before the coffee was ready”. Their experiment furthered by them updating the images of the digital camera in the Trojan Room to the Internet. And it turns out that they created the world's first webcam in the process. In 2000 the web cam became widespread.

It slowly started to make it into the homes of everyone around the world, and built into almost every cell phone. Today the webcam is truly a success. From celebrities to average Joe’s, hell! Even the president president uses the web cam. I feel like this piece of technology has truly helped so many people in life, emotionally and physically. Now you can even have a web cam conversation with up to 10 people, use it for video security, and even monitor your child from another room. My dad thought this was amazing; the first thing he said was “this is great!

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Now I can check on grandma. ” I know for a fact that my dad and so many other people are so grateful for this webcam stage in technology. The future for the webcam looks exceedingly bright. Scientist says “future of webcam technology will include the hologram webcams”. This means that it will almost be as if the person on the other side of the computer is right there with you. Some say that soon most interviews will be even be held through the webcam. I, for one know that I’m excited about the future of the webcam. And I’m sure that there are millions of people are just as excited.

We’ll wait and see what the future holds. We probably won’t realize how good the webcam has been to us until it’s gone. The past and the present of the webcam is truly a blessing, and the future will hopefully be one too. Like Albert Einstein said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” and this continues to be true to this day.


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