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The Media and Its Responsibilities Critical Essay

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The constitution gives us the freedom of speech in our country. However, we must keep in mind that exercising these liberties includes duties and responsibilities. The media is an integral part of everyday life and has become a leading player and influence of our society and it have an outcome on our nations’ future, viewpoint, and the globe’s view of us. The media are responsible for mainstream America ideals and the familiarity of the image based on the impact from the media. The media are fundamental of social influence and political decisions.

The media have turned the average person on reality television into an international star. Sensationalism is in newspapers, on televisions, in magazines, or just a click away on the internet. The media landscape is on the horizon. Commercial and advertisement entice Americans to create financial debt and can influence a poor diet all due to the media. Ratings manipulate the information to such a high level it converts into entertainment. Media is largely funded by advertising. Media have the responsibility to give readers, viewers and listeners accuracy and accountable.

Media should uphold fairness and meticulousness. Media has built into for the most part crucial aspect of our era, influencing every citizen. I will discuss the unease relating to media responsibility today, but I will also challenge to depict the importance of the responsibility. A utilitarian purpose can be proficient only through an endeavor to added diverse ethical standards established by the social order improve our society. The media are what we read, listen to and watch; the foremost impact is psychological, intellectual and share commercial implications. Many media outlets cater to the business sector, s they must gain a profit. The Media and entertainment industry forms public opinion and the terms of public debate. Comparable, through its partnerships with advertisers, the media also, exerts a powerful influence on the decisions we make, the products we buy, and the variety of analysis, we ask when we make our daily preference. In financial partnership with advertisers, the media also put forth buying influences which drives our nation economically, public opinion which affect the decisions we make, and the products we purchase alters the trends. The media are what we read, listen to and atch; the psychological impact funneled by the media which forms public debate. Unrelenting media coverage fed the fascination with both court cases. Media has a moral ethical responsibility to tell the truth, unbiased and remain balanced. Each of us has a responsibility to challenge and demand what we expect from the media on the subject of an unbiased account of issues and politics. The media have become a control center in the political arena. The clout is the power to the political decision of the people. The political system, have an immense influence on politics and on forming social transformation.

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Television along with social media can to the highest degree of influence the election of a national runner on the basis of image. Today, individuals who despise the media must use the media to assist them to forerunners ahead in the polls.The Internet assists social equality by giving a voice to every citizen in every home and every workplace. Social media certainly plays a pivotal role in bringing media scraps and video goes viral world-wide creating national and international interest. Many celebrities ersonal lives are in the mainstay of modern times and the media. Misbehavior is constantly displayed in public view and it’s become the signs of the times and is not going away. Celebrities invite negative attention to boost their career. Though many papers syndications have been reduced those remaining in conjunction with and magazines compete on news about celebrities and scandals. All that is perilous, immoral or incorrect takes precedence has a prominent place, especially in those papers that are mainly sold from newsstands. Media pays thousands of dollars to gather the dirt for up-to-the-minute candal on the front page every day in order to sell papers. The media's momentous spotlight is high-profile crimes coverage. Crime and victimization should include more privacy. Crime reporting is at an all time high being biased. The media have a tendency to take a stance of guilt before a verdict is rendered. The D. A. and law enforcement seek publicity. The judge can be influenced by the trial, For instance, the Casey Anthony murder case and the murder trial of O. J. Simpson created a new market for courtroom drama influence, both positive and negative. . Nowadays there can be repercussions for moral breach.

Today 75% of endorsement contracts contain a moral clause that allows companies to exit without penalty in the event of an incident by the celebrity that substantially damages the company's reputation. Often the "incident" is limited to criminal activity and previously it was not uncommon for the legal language within the clause to even mandate that an actual conviction of a crime be present before the deal is terminated. The truth is out there to access global news information which has served as an advocate for society and its right to be acquainted with an essential role of involving us in concerns such as ivil rights issues, famines around the world and health epidemics. They give us an intimate sense of national issues and global concerns to bring us awareness. Many Americans feel that we ought to reap the benefits of media, globally, due to new media platforms, global media can cross cultural boundaries. Foreign relations as cultural barriers are jaded by the media While media are in itself more helpful than harmful, are setting a trend in their media and computers have changed the way the media messages is gathered, processed is produced affecting the printing and broadcasting processes.

Media currently continues to have an enormous impact on the way people conduct their lives on a global scale desiring to become more like western societies. Mass media are striving to arrange operations around the globe; some nations want to protect their own domestic media and culture. The massive expansion of TV culture expresses Hollywood subculture. TV viewers in Nigeria, India, China or Russia now dream of the American way of life, as seen on TV serials . In addition to financial interests, the global media and the internet have an impact on how the globe views Americans via media content, politics and culture, can many countries assume our country to be greedy. Mass media are influence by the culture and interests of our nation and viewed as an extension of the American way. Although the media keep us updated on our nations enemies and spectators an objective view f what is occurring without violating any human rights or offending viewers gaining what is happening in their parts of the Middle East Arab media channels like Al-Jazeera and other news channels are airing more graphic media in nature violating human rights and this has many negative effects on their viewers. Since there is no certain restriction on broadcasting violence, from airing the casualties in the combat zone Terrorists gain publicity due to the exposure that their networks give them, to promote their message of violence to create fear. News channels are sensationalizing the hatred toward the

United States and other nations. Like our nations guidelines, media should ban the broadcasting due to empowering the terrorists by airing terrorists acts, and by making the atrocious details accessible to the public, the media are path that construct antagonistic society to set in motion terrorism. The press plays a pivotal role in modern society and social responsibility is at an all time high and imperative on mass media. Social responsibility is the concept roots in liberta¬rian theory with more prominence on the press's responsibility to society than on the press's freedom.

Tentatively coming the a superior point than libertarianism, a category of moral and intellectual evolutionary trip from discredited old, libertarianism to a new or perfected libertarianism where things are forced to work as they undoubtedly should have worked under libertarian theory.  The media have a responsibility to society to present of the media mandates moral responsibility. Utilitarian ethics is enormously influential in North American society, ‘probably the basic moral philosophy of most nonreligious humanists today’’ (Harris, 2002, p. 119). Utilitarianism is prevalent in the media professions, and in quasi-form is the mind-set of most students preparing for careers, such as journalism, that serve democratic societies.  The media must show prudence, discernment and circumspection. Whilst making journalistic decisions are that moral and ethical the press has a moral commitment to the meet the requirements distributing ideas and information supported of society that will bring into being he betterment of moral. The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics has high integrity to strive to higher ethics in regards to the media that journalists adhere to a high Code of Ethics to seek truth and report it which often involves easier said than done decisions and share responsibility for the penalty of unethical reporting and the impact on society. Journalists have an absolute duty to tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. Truth is key in ethics; journalists must take into account the probable penalty of their reporting.

Plato call attention to the principle; his parable was meant to show that we live in a world of false impression and that we must get rid of our false impression to find the truth. Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics held that reason used to generate happiness, which gives us moral and intellectual virtues. The moral virtues include moderation, courage and nobility; the logical various wisdom. Trust is key in ethics and social responsibility. Media is of imperative importance to develop trust its supporters identified as being ethical, deliver excellence and responsible.

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