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The Importance of Flowers in Society

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According to the famous saying, "many a flower was born to blush unseen", we can notice the fact that there are many flowers around us but most of us fail to see their beauty. This essay will therefore discuss the importance of flowers in traditions and customs, in funerals and in specials days such as the Valentines day.

The biggest tradition and customs of all religions is marriage. In the hindu culture for example, the bride and the groom exchange garlands made up of flowers such as red roses to symbolize their union. In fact, each flowers has its own different meaning. The red roses symbolize an eternal relationship, the white ones symbolize virginity and purity while the yellow one symbolize fire. Again, during a Hindu wedding ceremony, flowers are thrown on the newly- married couple to give them blessings. Even during European wedding ceremonies, the bride carries a white bouquet of fresh petals and wears a crown of white petals which symbolizes purity.

In Hindu funerals, the bier made up of bamboo and decorated with flower. This means that just like life is temporary, the bamboo also is temporary. As in the European culture, flowers become an integral part in Hindu funerals. Flowers are placed near the body of the departed. Flowers become the last bridge for those who are alive and for those who are dead. It symbolizes the blessings of the closed ones. Bouquets are brought for condolences and sympathy. If the departed person was still working in a firm, the firm would send a bouquet with a ribbon attached to it, mentioning the name of the company.

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Also, the Valentine's Day, which is celebrated mostly by young couples becomes the day where florist make a great profit. Young couples interchange flowers, usually a newly born bud to indicate the beginning of something new. During birthdays and anniversaries as well, flowers are used as means of decoration. Offering flowers indicate a gesture of appreciation from the part of the person giving the flower towards the one receiving the flower. Flowers become a great way to compliment someone.

Finally, flowers are easily available and are found almost around us. If one does not see flower nearby his or her residence, it becomes his or her duty to plant one and embellish the environment. Life would be so dull without flowers.

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