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The Executive Development Project Edp Education Essay

The Executive Development Project harmonizing to me is the stepping rock of success to my executive calling. The Proposal of the EDP undertaking is the short version of the chief EDP which will include the different trials and groundss that would province my Professional Development on a uninterrupted footing. The EDP non merely focuses on my calling direction but besides on self direction.

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It will assist me to be cognizant of myself which would assist me non merely to achieve my ends but besides will assist me to cognize me myself. This will non merely assist me develop professionally but besides personally. The theories which motivated me are

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Covey

Paradigm Shift by Jarvis

MAP and SOAR by Kumar

Prosecuting in CPD by Megginson & A ; Whitaker

Background: –

There are assorted methods by which we were told to self assess ourselves by our coachs which followed certain theories which will assist me in CPD

Stephen Covey- Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People ( 2004 ) : –

Be Proactive: –

This states that one should be self determined and should hold the power to command the environment around instead than other manner around. Therefore one should be Pro Active. Analyzing MBA in the University of Bedfordshire has made me pro active particularly after the MBA Practice Week. This has increased my involvement in acquiring my MBA Degree with good classs.

Get down with terminal in head: –

( Covey, 2004 ) states this as Personal Leadership wont which suggests that one should get down everything in his life holding a peculiar end. By making so I will be able to continue carefully in my hereafter by taking proper stairss and do me capable plenty to go through through the obstructions. This fits in me besides because at this point of clip I have started my Master in business with a end in head i.e. going a director in the corporate universe.

Put first things foremost: –

( Covey, 2004 ) , in the 3rd wont provinces that one should be organised adequate to be successful. He states this as Personal Management. This would assist me to acquire things done on clip and non to be kept till the terminal.

Think Win-Win: –

This wont of Interpersonal leading will besides play an of import function in my hereafter because it depends on co-operative work which in short is team work which I feel is really of import because of my calling end. I have already witnessed a spot of it in the MBA Practice Week.

Seek foremost to understand and so to be understood: –

I feel this as the most of import wont that Covey has reference because this manner of communicating is most efficient in the corporate universe. This would do me a good hearer as before being an adviser. This will do me understand the job and do the best possible solution.

Synergize: –

This is stated as Creative Co-operation in Covey, 2004. It is really of import to hold co-operation in the topographic point of work. I feel that if as an person could synergize I could bring forth better consequences particularly in team undertakings.

Sharpen the Proverb: –

This wont stated in ( Covey, 2004 ) is the Self Renewal wont. It is traveling to be really utile for me because I will be developing myself on a regular footing by making so. The ego here refers to my religious, physical, metal, social/emotional parts in me.

Jarvis ( 2002 ) -Paradigm Shift: –

Focus: –

It is of import that I focus in my calling every bit good as in my work topographic point. This will assist me accomplish my ends at the expected clip every bit good as will increase my ability to undertake the aims in order to acquire to my ultimatum.

Direction: –

( Jarvis, 2002 ) says that a job should be looked from different angles. This is the most indispensable quality I require in my day-to-day life every bit good as at my hereafter work topographic point. If I look at the issues in several angles, I would acquire assorted solutions and it would assist me undertake it in a more elusive manner.

Adaptability: –

In simple words I have to accept the alteration the manner they come. I will hold to accept and accommodate consequently in order to do the best possible result. This is would do me ready for my hereafter to acquire adapted to my work topographic point to acquire the best out of me.

Healthy ego regard and ego cognition: –

It is really of import that I follow the cognition I possess in order to avoid uncertainties about my ability in forepart of others. So it is really of import that I put my cognition into pattern efficaciously to avoid the hazard of uncertainness that could take to my ruin.

Kumar ( 2008 ) -MAP, SOAR: –

Map: –

Motivation: –

Kumar says that it is really of import to do a self appraisal of one ego. In my instance of ego appraisal I need to cognize how motivated I am to accomplish my ends by larning through every stage of life. Here motive refers to my involvement and my advancement towards my point of involvement. This will assist me at times of unexpected jobs to be brave plenty to acquire to my ends.

Abilities: –

To acquire to my ends I need to cognize how able I am. This will assist me to do myself cognize the most current and possible abilities that can do me accomplish my ends. This will besides do me develop the bing abilities in me which will pitch my success which would enrich my calling in the corporate universe.

Personality: –

This will do me place my gustatory sensation, manner, penchants when I communicate with others. This is besides really of import because it is indispensable that I assess myself with respects to personality on a regular footing because it is an of import factor that will find my character.

Therefore the utilizing MAP as a ego appraisal tool will non merely find my abilities but besides will hold an impact on each and every facet of my developmental procedure with respects to both life and hereafter

Soar: –

Self Awareness




With the aid of SOAR I will be able have an consciousness of my ain ego. By making so I will cognize my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This will enable me to better on my weak points and menaces in order to catch the approaching chances. Therefore SOAR analysis will do me self cognizant by assisting me accomplish my aspirations.

Prosecuting in CPD – Megginson & A ; Whitaker ( 2007 ) : –

The lone manner I can develop myself professionally is by following the CPD rhythm given in ( Megginson & A ; Whitaker, 2007, pg 27 )

Self Assess




Once I follow this rhythm I will be able to cognize about how I proceed to a peculiar end. Then reexamine my public presentation once more and look into my mistakes and rectifying it in the hereafter. I will be able to measure myself merely at a lower degree as compared to my others measuring me. Here I have to takes in history the points mentioned by Megginson & A ; Whitaker 2007 ) but the last two at a ulterior phase of my life.

Work itself

Contemplation by ego

Feedback from others

Individual Psychometric trials

Organizational Prosodies

Professional Prosodies

Using this I will be able to supply grounds every bit good to my advancement with the CPD. This will assist me to supervise myself on a regular footing by which I will accomplish success both professionally and personally.

Undertaking Time Line

Week Sem 1



Week 1

Making me familiar with the topics in the MBA every bit good the intensity the class has.

The first measure to carry through my dream started.

Week 2

Becoming familiar to practical method of instruction.

Got the thought of giving presentation and bettering my ability to hold on the chief points.

Week 3

Making a seminar paper which was chiefly about the approaching talk session.

Making things in progress. Making me to make a good research about the subject which was to be taught afterwards.

Week 4

First trial in the MBA plan

Had to utilize the old cognition of accounting which came ready to hand

Week 5

Beginning of MBA Practice Week,

First single presentation of life.

Bettering squad accomplishment. Belbin ‘s theory assisting me to place my function in a squad. Assurance constructing while giving a presentation. Knowing what the subject is precisely

Week 6

Dragon ‘s Den, Cultural workshop

What all has to be done in order to get down a concern. How Culture shapes an person

Week 7

“ Houses Of Parliament ” London

Got the opportunity to interact with the MAYOR of Atlanta, US & A ;

Week 8

Submiting the first chief assignment in the MBA

How precisely to border theory into pattern and the high sum of research that is to be undertaken.

Week 9

First Group Assignment and Presentation

How to work efficaciously in a squad which is fundamentally a group of friends.

Week 10

Submiting the Proposal for the EDP

Is the stepping rock for the chief Undertaking.

Evidences: –

Evidence type


How will I utilize it


Whether I am in the impulsive place or non

To better my public presentation in and to measure the alterations in me.


Which type of character am I

Know more about myself which will besides assist to better my public presentation

My Heros

The individual whom we aspire to go one like.

I will follow their way in order to accomplish success. I will besides seek to instill the qualities within them


Resource Investigator, Coordinator, Specialist

To hold more impact on these countries every bit good as to better the other countries.

Ishikawa ‘s Fishbone

To place the universe category me

By bettering my nucleus values in order to go better and better

My Development Plan

My Future Development Plans

How am I traveling to accomplish my ends in the hereafter

Critical Incidents

How they have affected me

What I did? How has my life changed after that?

Metaphorical House

How I manage my head, organic structure, spirit, emotion

This would do my growing on a personal footing


What I and people think about me

Develop on my failings and Reduce my menaces

Decision: –

The EDP Proposal has hence helped to a great extent with regard the chief Undertaking. This Proposal through assorted trials and CPD has made me analyse my accomplishments and place my failings. The proposal besides focuses on four chief theories that will assist me develop professionally. The proposal has besides made me analyze the countries that I am missing, place my strength countries. The groundss that are provided by me besides points out the fact that where precisely I am. Therefore I would reason that the EDP is the major instrument through which I can analyse myself and develop myself both personally and professionally which would assist me accomplish my ends.

Recommendations: –

It is necessary that every person analyzes himself in order to cognize where he is placed. It is of import because he will come to cognize about the of import facets of his personality. This will assist him to continue with his development stage which is ne’er stoping and development non merely in his professional life but in his overall personality. But when making the exercisings such as the SAQ ‘s, MBTI and other psychometries it should be seen that the information provided is true or else there wo n’t be any major usage of making the exercisings. Besides the diaries should be maintained on a regular footing.