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The End of Men

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When we are watching the news or reading the paper, it will sometimes be written by a women. Throughout history women have been opressed by man, but in the 21st century they are no longer opressed. They have been demanding equal rights for both genders and now Hanna Rosin has informed us that it may be the end of men. Is our post-modern world better suited for women? Hanna Rosin is saying that there has been a rapidly increase of female employers at almost any work station. 00 if not 50 years ago that would not have been possible. Many women are trying to achieve high-status jobs like Doctors and Engineers and they are really good at it. Hanna Rosin informs us that women are better in school, getting jobs, and that a new kind of alpha female has appeared. An alpha femle which is "stirring up anxiety and, occasionally, fear". This means that she believes that the male dominance is gone and a new more frightening female has appeared. However in the text she concludes that girls have more desire than boys.

She does not have anything to use as a point of view towards this statement. Therefore some of the "facts" which are given here are not to be fully trusted, since she does not document her facts very well. In the text however, she uses a few rhetorical tools as in Etos and Pathos. Hanna Rosin is an american journalist and also writes for different papers for various american companies. She is using etos because she went to university and is a journalist. She is an expert in rhetorical tools but it seems like the article still lacks of argumentation.

In the text she tries to inform the reader what has happened. She is doing this by asking questions to the reader "but what if qeuality isn't the end point". She encourages the reader to keep reading and wants to make a debate towards the subject "feninism" and "The end of men". However in the text, she uses pathos a lot because she want to gain power in her cause, because she is herself a supporter of feminism. That is seen in the text because she describes men to be clumsy and also informs the reader that some men had lost millions of jobs.

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If we turn it around and there were more female leaders than men, the same thing would probably happen. She just uses the same repetitive argumentations which lacks a lot of explaining. She says that the male dominance is almost gone but if we look at the stock shares. The leaders of the companies are men. She is appealing to women that they should not let themselves be opressed by "evil" which men are portrayed as. She thinks it is men which are behind all the crisis and maybe she is right, but without the proper argumentation she is wrong.

We can then ask ourselves, is this a bad way of thinking, could she be right? Feminism is a very hard subject simply because it iis about women wanting equal rights, but at the same time critisites men for who they are. Not all men are assholes, but in the eyes of true feminists they all are. This is a dangerous thought because it makes a diversity between man and woman. Since she herself watches the men as a threat or atleast a dying "species" where-as the title The End of Men, it is almost like she is doing everything she can to make women look better than men.

The title The End of Men explains how she think that there will be an end to men. As she is mentioning a biologist which created a way of seperating the male-producing Y chromosome. However we still have no proof of men dying in the world, and if we look at china we will see that there are many more boys than girls. We can therefore say that women like Hanna Rosin have strong feelings towards men and seems like the would rather have feminism in men. There will therefore be no permission to be men in a feminist society and the father could be uncomfortable as a protector of his family.

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