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Rainbow’s end-belonging

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Relationships and experiences shape an individual's sense of belonging Belonging means the idea of being part of something where you are accepted without compromise, conditions or limitations. Relationships with people around ones environment and experiences through one's life have a strong connection to shape an Individual's sense of belonging. The play Rainbows End by Jane Harrison demonstrates that relationships and experiences affect Individuals to shape their sense of belonging.

Relationship between females usually has a great Influence on shaping Individual's sense of belonging. In the play, Rainbows End, It Is shown through contrasting Dolly and Errol. "But... A real home? A real home Is where there are people looking out for each other In this part, Dolly pauses for a moment In which punctuation is used to indicate that she is confused and disagree with Errol. While Errol thinks the 'home' is where he physically belongs, Dolly thinks the 'home' is where her family belongs together. This difference refers to their cultural background.

Aboriginals believe that they are all closely related so that they always have to be together. However, Whites are usually individualists who just care about their 'own' family thus; they haven't had to consider the place where they belong. Dolly and Roll's relationships with their own community has shaped their different perception about 'home'. Furthermore, the play conveys that the sense of belonging can be divided by relationships people are involved. When Dolly goes to the Miss Moorland-separator Ball, she is the only person who is an Aborigine. Thieve cooking at us", Dolly is an unwelcome guest in the Ball between Whites. Then Nancy, who is also a White, says "Love your dress, Dolly. Love your fabric [with a giggle]....... L thought we took them to the tip. " sarcastically in a derogative tone. As the White is in higher status than the Aborigine, they used to isolate and discriminate them in Australia even though originally Aborigines were living in Australia. In the same way, Dolly was insulted by Nancy Just because she wasn't belonging to the white but belongs to Aborigines.

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The Rainbows End emphasizes that the relationship In group an have different sense of belonging to other groups and sometimes It does not get along together. An individual's sense of belonging can also be affected by the experiences they have had. Nan has a strong desire to go back to her hometown as she was obliged by the White to leave her hometown. "They forced us to leave. Forced us to leave Counterargument. Our home. " By repeating 'forced us to leave', Nan exposes her strong sense of resentment towards Whites. Nan's sense of belonging Is reinforced through this experience.

The more she has got forced, the more she Is offensive about her family. Gladys used to admire the white society and had strong desire to fit in there. "... The QUEEN pulls her into a hug. The lights come back to reality. Gladys is holding a bunch of weeds. " The weed is the symbol of poorness which is her reality. She had many daydreams. However, by experiencing the rejection from the bank manager, the blocked out from the Queen's visit and the isolation from housing problem, she begins to realism that the Whites would not accept her; the Aborigines.

So she starts to approach to the reality and consider the way to change. We demand the right to make our own decisions. " Finally, Gladys makes a speech in the petition, represents the development of indigenous voices. The experience has changed Gladys sense of belonging more respectfully. According to the relationship and experience, individuals can shape one's sense of belonging. This is well demonstrated in the play, Rainbows End. Relationships can have an influence on shaping one's sense of belonging and can be divided into each group. Also the experiences make changes or strengthen one's sense of belonging.

Rainbow’s end-belonging essay

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