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The Effects of Video Games

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Video games effects on social life Many people have always been looking for some type of entertainment, and it has been through many forms, from playing with toys, to playing cards, to playing sports, and etc. However, nowadays with so much access to technology and everything that it offers. Various entertainments are way more exciting and sophisticated. Among the new electronic inventions, the 21 the century has revealed video games, a new exhilaration creating a virtual word on computers, on TV and different platforms like smartness.

Which can be very useful in a dull, vague or boring situation. Video games have turned to be an amazing source of entertainment because of their diversity, their innovation, and their capacity to be so close to the reality. It has been shown that video games were developing skills for gamers and were a great social instrument. Nevertheless, videotapes have always been a subject of controversy and seen by a lot of people/parent's as dangerous and a bad influence, causing addiction, bad behaviors, or even violence, which is true! However there are many Positive effects as well.

In this essay I will explain the causes and effects of video games on an individual such as myself; and how I tend to abuse good things without moderation. I state many opinions that embrace new technologies and see it as a great social instrument; But overall explaining how playing Video games can create and cause some positive and negative effects on my lifestyle. The usefulness of good things has always been a problem for me, causing me to drift and abuse certain things, which is becoming a self-disciplinary problem, not to mention creating dictions.

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An addiction can be defined by a physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance. And that substance for me is playing video games, so in other words playing video games gives me the comfort and excitement that I need. But also distracting and causing me to develop badly habits but however, is that a good or bad thing? Many times it creates bad habits and causes me to develop laziness, affecting my schoolwork or work performance.

Consequently, I tend to lack assignments and time management, for instance, turning in my assignments late or implementing them at the last minute because I'm up all night trying to complete a level on a certain game and when I start a new level I can't sleep until its completed. So for several cases I would say it's a bad thing. In some cases playing video games gets out of control because I tend avoid many social activities with my family and friends because it has most of my have my attention. Once I'm in my gaming habitat its hard to pull me away from it. It's sort of like a drug. At times I feel as if I am in the game and I can't get out.

Sometime my family and friends don't call me to do social activities because they think my answer is always going to be no! Although, Sometimes it aggravates me because there are times where I'm not playing video games and I want to go out and the times I call them to go out they say there busy. So avoid social activities; it creates a mental warfare and selfishness, affecting me in negative ways for to perform, succeed, pursue, and socialize. As a basketball player, I personally play a lot of video games to keep my mind "in the game" and still having a ay to practice while I am resting.

Video games are a great entertainment source to me, it helps me learn and develop different skills. However some games are a great simulator of life and are really efficient for athletes with games like NAB K, FIFE, and Madden Football sometimes giving me the ability to learn and then go out there and practice. Because it creates self-motivation, causing an athlete like myself to get better. They develop notably a better hand/eye coordination, a high level of focus, repetition, and fundamentals Thus having some positive effects.

In conclusion I say that I really enjoy playing video games and I definitely think it is an amazing creation, I am still wondering how people can be able to create such a sophisticated entertainment and I am also totally aware of the risks that I take. And I know the feeling of wanting to play a little bit more and ending going to bed at Sam while I have to wake up at 8 to go to school the same morning. I am learning to overcome my addictions and bad habits and evolve in the smart way and apply simple solutions that I intake and maybe help people with similar problems.

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