The Dangers of Joyriding

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Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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1. a pleasure ride in an automobile, esp. when the vehicle is driven recklessly or used without the owner's permission Monday, 12:10 a. m. : Seven Statesville teenagers, joy-riding in a stolen car, lost their bid to outrun a police cruiser. They left the road at 100 mph, hit a tree and died instantly. The unlicensed driver was 15. On average, a car is stolen or broken into every 25 seconds. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are killed or injured from car crimes.

The victims could easily be one of your family or friends. Most car offenders are between 17 and 25 years old and most of them started offending between the ages of 13 and 16. It’s a very serious problem that has been happening all over the country. Even if you were just trying to have a good time, many states find joyriding a serious offense. The main difference between joyriding and a charge for grand theft auto depends on your intent. You could just want to “borrow” the car for a few hours, or actually steal it from the owner.

One of the biggest dangers of joyriding is traffic accidents. Many teenagers who go joyriding are inexperienced and unlicensed. They go do it just to seem cool or to just go and have fun! But it’s a very bad idea because you might get caught, or in an accident, unless you’re a very good driver. But if you’re a very good driver, you should have your license already. In conclusion, this is why you should never take a car without asking first or having a license.

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