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The Catering Skills of Uphsd

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“Catering is the cottage industry of New York. All a caterer needs is a Cuisine art, some pots and pans and a couple of food magazines to start out. They get jobs, though they don't necessarily get repeats. ” –Donald Bruce White; New York’s best known caterer. Finding and choosing a catering service is one of the most important aspects of planning the perfect event. The most challenging part of creating an event is the food. If you think serving food to a group of people only requires good culinary skills, you are sadly mistaken.

Being able to cook is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more goes into serving food to guests. And if the turnout is predicted to be large, then it is best advisable to steer clear of working on the food by you, and hire professionals for the job. This is where catering comes in. A good catering service will not only provide you with a delicious menu, but will also help setting up the meal area, serve guests efficiently and take care of any related faux pas. Caterers not only serve as waiters/waitresses, they also assist as bartenders.

A professional caterer knows what menu to be set for a particular event, the volume of food required, the serving process (what comes after what), makes sure that the food looks good when served, and also explains the meal effectively to the guests, if required. Arranging the table correctly is also something a catering service takes care of. The type of cutlery necessary, the arrangement of bowls, plates and glasses and the folds of a napkin; all these intricacies are taken care of by them. The event or the occasion is of utmost relevance when lanning the food. If it is wedding, champagne, caviar and wedding cakes are a must. The cake should be confirmed by the couple regarding size, flavor, and decoration. A corporate gathering for example a business luncheon party would generally have a larger variety of liquor: wine, whiskey, and rum. It is also intelligent to keep a few mocktails for the non-drinkers. When deciding on the menu, it is best to have the quintessential starter-entre-dessert series. If you want to make it more elaborate, go for the six or eight course meals, accordingly.

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Most people prefer wine as the form of alcohol while eating. But it is very important to be aware of which wine (white or red) can complement the kind of meat that is being served for the meal. Also, remember, white wine is served chilled, while red wine is best kept at room temperature. The glasses for both are different as well. It is best to keep the dessert light, with a few varieties. Since not everyone has a sweet tooth, instead of sticking only souffles and ice cream, you can also serve fresh cream with fruit salad.

For every course in the meal, the cutlery is different. Therefore, the waters should be alert about the time of change. If it is a buffet, then the plate should be replaced immediately when the guest leaves the table for the next course or helping. Also remember to have water on the table at all times. It is a very basic item, yet mandatory. The most important thing for the people who are serving to remember is to keep their own emotions in check. Be pleasant to the guest come what may. And to make these events perfect you must have the perfect staff.

Knowing the skills of BS. HRM students of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in catering will help provide us students, parents, faculty and the university a background of what kind of students the university is producing. Will they be an asset someday, have they learned and will their skills help them land a job in connection with their course. Catering as a major subject in HRM needs further studying when it comes to the skills of the students. Potentials in catering service are one asset to be the best known caterer. Background of the Study

The history of catering and fine cooking trades dates back in the 4th millennium BC. It all started in China but the culture of grand eating and drinking was already important during the prosperous years in old Egypt. However, the catering trade only emerged from the commonly practiced hospitality, which was always free, when the first real hostels and inns were built in ancient Greece. The development in ancient Greece continued in the Roman Empire. At first, the accommodations for Roman soldiers were found along the military roads and trading routes, which were eventually opened to all travelers.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, the first signs of the rebirth of the catering trade were seen in monasteries which covered mainly the needs of the many Christian pilgrims going to Rome. Caravan series served the same purpose in the Orient and started there around 600 AD. During Charlemagne's time, the catering trade developed and spread throughout the entire Europe because transport and trade required secure accommodation. The catering trade had been greatly influenced by the church in the later part of the Middle Ages.

Additionally, the newly established bourgeoisies, the flourishing trade, the natural economy being replaced with money, and the intensification of transport all contributed to the popularity of catering industry. The catering industry was widely spread in Germany from 14th to 15th century and this had drawn the attention of legislators. The first "beer inspection" licenses were paid by the Augsburg Elector in 1530. It was also in the same year that the "Reformation gutter Polizey" law was enacted and this replaced many regional regulations.

After the law was enacted, different rules for hostels and inns were issued and this led to the regulation of the serving of drinks, beer mugs sizes, and the quality and purity of beer, even the quantity and kind of dishes were brought up in the "Zehrordnung" regulation. As time passed by, guild hostels and houses developed. The term "Seefahrts- und Schifferhauser" was first heard in the seaside towns during the Hanse era. As another area of expertise, post guesthouses and rathskeller restaurants emerged, and until now, they can still be found as establishments termed as "Gasthofzur Post" or "Ratskeller".

The improvement of transport, technical innovations, population increase, and sudden rise in the trade of travel and tourism gave gastronomy a quick shift which made it a very important factor for national economy. Today companies like Crave Catering Melbourne offer a range of culinary options which have a proud history of tradition, tweaked and prodded to manifest current trends. All that can be said is; "enjoy your food with the knowledge that it has developed over time". -David J Kahan (Crave Catering Melbourne)

The Hospitality industry and the restaurant sector is an industry that is continuingly growing. These industries employ a lot of people in many different ways. And which cause large portion of people to eat out of their home. Because of these the average skills of the people when it comes to food preparation is decreasing. Due to these social changes in the society catering opportunities and organization rises. “Whatever position you choose to work within, in the catering profession there are a few attributes that are considered important for all job roles.

You'll first have to be physically fit with a good level of stamina. This is because many catering jobs involve working in hot, busy, pressurized kitchens where you have to be constantly thinking on your feet. The ability to multi-task and communicate well are also imperative, with organizational skills being of the utmost importance. Catering offers great opportunities for career development. To work within this profession you'll obviously need a passion for food, but also have the dedication and motivation to work long and sometimes unsociable hours. ” -acareerchange

Catering might seem like the right career move as you're lying in bed envisioning how you could've done a better job with your friend's holiday buffet than she did. But there's a lot more to running a catering business than meets the eye. Not only do you have to be a skilled chef, a mover of delicate and perishable items, a master planner, food preparation, food service, cleanup and a savvy entrepreneur all at the same time, but you have to do it looking as cool and stress-free as possible with a smile on your face.

Skill Matrix and Competency Mapping

The theme of this project is “Training Need Analysis” one of its objective is to find out the skill competency levels of the employees of Textron India Pvt. Ltd. In here, the skill matrix which was developed in consultation with the team leaders and rated by all the members of the team. While the competency map was developed and rated with the help of the skill matrix. They defined Skill matrix as the most basic terms defines the skills and skill levels of each employee, as per his/her perception and also as per the supervisor/team leader/manager’s perception.

While competency mapping deals with a pre-defined set of competencies calledLominger. Competencies which it relates and links to the skill matrix ratings, so as to find out how good the employees are. in relation with my study they wanted to find out the complete list of the skills that the organization as a whole possesses i. e. the skills inventory of the organization, the skill levels of each individual employee,The employees who are capable of training other employees and the skills that they specialize in. Prepared by JOJAN V. JOSE 09DM050 During the academic year 2009-2010 Under the guidance of D r. MANOSI CHAUDHURI (Project Mentor), Hospitality Management Skills: An Educational and Workplace Comparative Analysis This study utilized secondary data to formulate a comparison of hospitality curricular design as it is viewed by industry. The two studies used for this research project were conducted in a longitudinal format. The two studies asked industry recruiters at a university sponsored career event to indicate where key hospitality skills are best learned. The comparative findings profiled that specific skills are best learned in the work place while a smaller skill set was needed from Hospitality Education.

The skills found to be most important which are taught in the educational setting were compared to the hospitality courses at the University of Wisconsin-Stout with the purpose of identifying any potential gaps in skills. A model was used which allows courses to be compared to the skill sets industry deems as important. It is helpful literature since its primary objective is to identify the skills of its respondents. “Identification of skills” is a common ground for the current research topic both study determines the skills of the respondents.

The methods use in this study can be adapted to the current research study. prepared by: Daniel Wood A Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Training & Development Approved for Completion of 4 Credits TRHRD-735 Field Problem in Training & Development by: Professor Robert Davies, Research Advisor The Graduate College University of Wisconsin-Stout, Copyright Food Caterers Association of the Philippines 2003. All Rights Reserved. 10 Baler St. San FranciscoDel Monte, Quezon City.

A group called Food Caterers Association of the Philippines is a professional that is determined to focus on giving quality catering service. Its Goals are to encourage growth among its members by promoting networking, interchange of ideas and continuing education, keep abreast of the latest local and international trends in food preparation and event management by networking with local and international resource personnel, gain recognition both locally and internationally via trade fairs and exhibits, define industry standards by generating guidelines for the accreditation of local aterers. I sited it because it is about catering, it also highlights the skills of the caterers with regard to having quality service they have the core values which is unity, teamwork, professionalism, excellence (particularly in the culinary arts), creativity, taste. Founding out about this association will give our research strong information and background of what standing does our caterers in our country produces and the quality of catering service we provide. This association stands for the catering industry in the Philippines as a whole.

And through this, we will be more enlightened of what is the skills needed in this association and if the B. S. HRM students qualified to pass their association. Catering skills setting the scene The Catering Skill Setting the Scene concentrates on the main practical skills needed to cater an event or run a restaurant. It can be an invaluable resource for those who want to enter the catering industry. It can also be a useful guide for those who wants to improve their skills in catering. It gives insights and tips on how you can effectively prepare an event.

Having read about this, will give our research insights on the proper ways in learning the skills of a certain caterer when inside the work place. It will give our research information on the skill needed to be called a good caterer server for it sets information on the proper skill development, skills needed and acquired of a catering server. reading about this article pave way to new insights of the importance of skill in the catering server for this skill will provide good service to any event the caterer is in. Produced by: Video Education Australasia, Commissioning Editor: Christine Henderson, Executive Producer: Mark McAuliffe.

Catering Management an Integrated Approach, Authors: MohiniSethi and SurjeetMalhan, the New Age International Publisher. This book provides information on the catering management, the division of labor in the catering industry, functions and a lot more about catering management. In this book skill is very important in every person assigned in every department. It gives information on what evaluation process is to be given in every staff like Staff appraisal, appraisal of work conditions and procedures, food product evaluation and more. And also in this book it shows that in the catering industry there are lots of works that are to be done.

Where every employee are assigned in the position best fit in their skill in catering like catering manager, supervisor in the kitchen, head cook, waiters and storekeepers. This book best fit our research for it talks about the division of labor of every employee where evaluation of skills is very important. The evaluation of skills in this book shows the importance of skills in the catering industry. It shows methods on how to evaluate skills and why the catering has to be evaluated. Skills Upgrading New Policy Perspective OECD ORGANIZATION Director: Sergio Arzeni.

It is indicated in this book that the most affected sector in skill gap is the communication, hotels and catering. It talks about the low skill equilibria where it is stated there that in UK majority of the managers and workers were low skilled and produces low quality goods and services. And because of these they had to improve all the skill of their workers and for their workers improvement they require all of them to undergo proper training. One of the tools used is the skills strategy white paper it proposes to improve choice for employers, better information, improve management training and development and improve support.

The book will lead us to thinking that skill is not merely acquired. It has to undergo certain processes for it to be best qualified in a certain job. Reading about the articles and studies of this book has brought changes in our understanding of our research. It cleared questions which will help us expound our research. It says something about the importance of skills and what are the advantages and disadvantages of not having the skills required in a job and of what great effect will it cause the establishment you are working. Which we think relates and discusses more of our research.

Professional Chef 2 level Diploma, authors: Gary Hunter, Terry Tinton, Patrick Carrey and Steven Walpole. Qualifications when it comes to skills are very important in catering and it was explained very well in this book. Competence in every work must always be applied by every caterer for skills to be properly applied. It says here that a lot of trainings will pave way for the best caterer which we thought of as a group. Reading about this book will open up topics which will give sights on the importance of training in a caterer for it to acquire the best skill needed which fits very well in further more understanding our research.

It introduces learning’s which we think is new to us. Applying what we’ve read from this book to our research will clarify some points that are not yet clarified to us. And through this book identifying the skills needed of a caterer is clearly identified and again tells about the importance of skills in the catering industry. Revised Hospitality and Catering Assessment Strategy and the New Technical Certificates August 2009 FAQs by City Guilds. A lot of information about the catering assessment and skills are mentioned here. It shows details about the newly revised hospitality and catering strategy assessment and certificates to be endowed.

Reading about this article gave us again insights on the importance of skills in the catering industry. It shows the very importance of skills before granting the said certificate. it widen our views on the importance of our research regarding the catering skills of B. S. HRM students. Running through our research this article will prove of how vital skills are when it comes to the catering industry. Skills and Work Catering and Hospitality (The Basic Skills Agency Developing Effective Practice). We included this in our research because this gives the very detailed information on the skills needed in the catering service.

It talks about the everyday catering task such as: acting on verbal instructions from chef or supervisor, making and receiving telephone calls, discussing work plans, following recipes, preparing food, reading temperature and time charts, taking notice of safety and hygiene signs, operating kitchen equipment according toinstructions, filling in records of stock, receiving and checking deliveries, completing accident book or hygiene records, weighing dry ingredients, measuring liquids, mixing and dividing food, setting temperature of ovens, timing cooking, writing orders, making notes.

It also mentioned the most important skills needed in catering service which is the listening skills, Reading skills, Writing skills, Number skills, Communication skills needed to work in catering and hospitality, Numeracy skills needed to work in catering and hospitality. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework This research will use the skill matrix or the competency framework. Skill Matrix also known as Competency framework consists of a list of skills, and a grading system, with a definition of what it means to be at particular level for a given skill.

It is a way to capture or identify the skills required for a particular job. Both of these fall under skills management. “Skills management is the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills. Well-implemented skills management should identify the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual employees, and any gap between the two. ” -Wikipedia.

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