The BMW M5 has the capacity

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The BMW M5 has the capacity of a sedan and it excels like a sports car in terms of performance.

The car has spacious seats and effective temperature control system to ensure a comfortable ride. Independent suspension for all the four wheels improves overall handling of the car. The M5 does not slack behind in the entertainment department either and offers a host of features including a high-end music system and high-definition radio. The car is very stable under almost any road condition including slippery ice roads, sandy surfaces and rain-slicked roads using its dynamic stability control system.

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The car also has an on-board GPS navigation system and recognizes voice commands from the driver. BMW lays great emphasis on safety; its cars are very sturdily built with state-of-the-art safety features such as head protection system, automatic-locking retractors for seatbelts, and side airbags to provide additional protection.

The M5 also has an Impact sensor to automatically turn off the ignition and fuel supply, and switches on the emergency lights in the event of an accident. In terms of after-sales service, BMW guarantees free maintenance for either four years or fifty thousand miles. This service is inclusive of standard servicing as well as free replacement of items that wear off. BMW has also recently introduced a tele-service called BMW Safety Plan which enables the car to directly contact the service center when it needs service.

BMW is a German automobile manufacturer which has a rich tradition of building reliable cars and has earned worldwide recognition among general consumers as well as motorcar enthusiasts. The BMW M5 is a brand family. It falls under the ‘Motor vehicles and car bodies’ industry category and its corresponding SIC code is 3711 (Business & Company Resource Center).

DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ducati, Fiat, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Mazda are some of the competitors of BMW in this category. Following are some of the factors that make BMW a compelling choice for any car buyer,

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