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SWOT Analysis of ?»?Sandwich Blitz Inc.

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Sandwich Blitz Inc. SOOT Analysis Assignment Strengths - Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Does harbor many strengths within the business and these can be enhanced with an expansion. One of the most notable of these strengths is the Return on Investment of 30% in 2011. A good ROI means that customers are happy and appreciative of the business. Another strength of the company is their strong operations model. Since the model encompasses both Lei and Dolmen's management philosophy of giving each operating unit a measure of autonomy, it allows the shops to be successful.

Another strength that shouldn't be moored is that the company caters to the health conscious market and serves healthy food. From a consumer standpoint, healthy food is always a plus. Weaknesses - Even with these strengths, there are a few weaknesses within the company. Since Dolman and Lei are wanting to expand the business, they have noticed that they do not have the time to focus on these matters since they are preoccupied handling small problems within the existing operation. The corporate level consists of Dolman, Lei, and Laying, which makes for a very small number to engage in strategic planning.

In order to expand, they need more employees at the corporate level so that more issues in the company can be addressed. Opportunities - One of the biggest opportunities Sandwich Blitz has when undergoing expansion would be the opportunity to start serving dinner. If the company starting serving dinner, the market would expand as well. Instead of catering specifically to an upscale breakfast and lunch crowd, serving dinner would give them the opportunity to expand into perhaps the family market. Threat - Although Sandwich Blitz Inc. As a very strong reduce, when expanding cheaper competitors still pose a threat to the company. For instance, a McAlister or Pander Bread are Just examples of other similar businesses that offer relatively the same product, at a cheaper price in more locations. Another threat that goes along with creating specialty products is the lack of a substitute product if that product becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. When the company expands, certain locations may have a delay in their shipments which the business would need a good substitute. SOOT Analysis of Sandwich Blitz Inc. By Illustration

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