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CB Analysis

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There was definitely a gap between these two States, ultimately creating a need for food (Sabina, 246).B) What product and brand did you choose? In this class thus far we have definitely learned that products can always be copied or replaced, but brands are often unique and timeless.May have chosen a simple Subway sandwich without even getting the entire value meal, but I chose to go with a brand that is known to always have fresh vegetable options, with quick service.

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C) What type of value did this purchase provide? At the time, purchasing this Subway sandwich proved very valuable to me.

I was in a rush to head to class and needed to fuel my body with something hat could give me some substance to work through the rest of the day. Though just a sandwich, it was very necessary that I eat to continue my long day of studying and meetings. D) What was the type of risk involved with this purchase? The biggest risk involved in me purchasing this Subway sandwich was that it might not have the freshest toppings, and that the customer service might be slow. I knew when I was going to purchase my sandwich that the risk of me losing money or regretting my decision to buy the sandwich would be relatively low.

Ultimately, I view this purchase as a low-risk purchase. E) What evaluative criteria were used? We learned from our book that evaluative criteria are attributes consumers consider when reviewing alternative solutions to an issue or problem (Fabian, 355). In this situation, my problem was that I was starving and in a time crunch in between classes. When I was choosing Subway as my meal of choice, I knew that potential benefits would be that it would be a healthy meal in a quick time frame. Considered going to Jimmy Johns, but it was quite a bit of distance from my apartment and I didn’t have time for that.

The criteria used were proximity to my apartment, price, and quality. ) Did you conduct an internal or external information search? Why or why not? I used internal information search, involving me retrieving knowledge about products or services from my memory (Fabian, 248). Because this purchase involved such limited decision-making, felt confident in my ability to use my past experiences at Subway to decide that I should go back there for the same, quick service. Was confronted with a need to satisfy my hunger, and I knew I could rely on myself given the time constraints. ) If you conducted an internal information search, explain your evoked set (consideration set), your inert set and your inept set. My consideration set consisted of Jimmy John’s, a close sandwich alternative with great customer service. Subway marketers might want to consider why it is G’s always has the best customer service, but in this case Subway won me over because of their proximity to my apartment. To be honest, did not have an inert set, or any alternatives to which was indifferent to (Fabian 249); Subway was the perfect place! One option I considered to be apart of my inept set was the Korean restaurant next to the Subway.

It was unacceptable for me to even consider due to me not wanting o try out a new restaurant that appeared to take a long time to get waited on. H) What was the cost of this information search? Please explain your answer in detail, don’t just give an estimated dollar figure. The monetary cost of this information search was free. Having said that, I do consider the cost to this information search to have been the time spent making the decision about where and what should eat. As was going through what little alternatives there were to Subway, I may have been wasting time I could have been using to study and prepare for class.

Luckily, there was not too much mime wasted deciding how to satisfy my hunger, but there definitely was at least some low cost associated with my internal information search. This information search did turn into me buying the sandwich, so it did influence that small purchase. B. Extended Decision Making Purchase-Apple phone 6 10/1/14 a) What was the need (actual state vs.. Desired state)? To be honest, really did not have a true need for a new phone, so my actual state was that I had an older phone that was working completely fine, but I did not have the new phone 6.

My desired state was to own the newest Phone, because I always love using the latest Apple products. As our book pointed out, states Often change (Fabian, 247). Someone may have, at one time, been satisfied with a cell phone they had, until one day a newer, cooler version comes along and is the new desire. B) What product and brand did you choose? Chose to purchase a cell phone, but most of my money goes for paying for the Apple brand. Paying for the Apple brand is not only paying the company for their uniqueness, but it is paying for me to have brand satisfaction with my mobile device.

Products that buy often become instantly meaningful, but t is the Apple brand that lasts longer and becomes more and more meaningful over time. C) What type of value did this purchase provide? This purchase of an phone provided me with a value that truly satisfied my need to have the latest technology and the most efficient APS. Like I mentioned before, I really am an avid Apple user, and I enjoy being able to quickly pull up any information for classes or companies that I am recruiting for. Additionally, I really believe that the monetary value will hold for the most part over the next year-?if kept in good condition. ) What was the type of sis involved with this purchase? The biggest risk in buying the phone 6 was that it might not be all that it added up to be, and therefore not worth what paid for it.

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I would like to consider that I minimized my risk when I chose to do research on the Internet and saw whatever pros and cons there were on the new phone. Having said all this, my risk definitely increases the more money and time put into a good (unlike a sandwich). E) What evaluative criteria were used? The attributes I considered when comparing the phone 6 to the Samsung Galaxy phone, were size, price, speed, sound, quality, and appearance.

It would take quite some phone to pull my brand loyalty away from Apple products, but think it is always necessary to keep my options open when brainstorming solutions to my problems or needs (Fabian, 256). F) Did you an external information search because I wanted to ask an expert, or in this case, research the Internet’s various sources (Fabian, 249). Chose the Internet as my number one source because of how easy it is to obtain information and it takes me less time to comprehend a report when it is in a compiled list like I found online. G) If you conducted an external information search, explain how oh did this using terminology.

When I conducted an external information search, I really already knew what my evaluative criteria were. Typed in the search engine a question such as “How big or attractive is the phone 6. ” I was immediately presented with the newest reviews on the phone, and faced information overload after awhile. Began not being able to assimilate all of the information. It made me think that I may want to be more specific with my future searches (Fabian, 249). H) What was the cost of this information search? Please explain your answer in detail, don’t just give an estimated liar figure.

The cost of this information search was the time I spent researching on the Internet. Fortunately, I did not have to spend too long evaluating the phone, but like I said before did get a little overwhelmed. Though the search was free, I probably sacrificed time I could have been getting some reading or homework done for all of my classes. This information search did eventually turn into me purchasing the new phone, so it did indeed lead me into paying something. 2. Psychological Variables Charley Burger and Fry 9/25/13 One of the best deals on campus is on Thursdays at Charley.

Their burger ND fry basket is not only huge in size, but it is only $4. 99. This Thursday was one of the best nights because I had turned in a big proposal for class due right before I went to dinner. Because I was in such a great mood, my self esteem for the night was at an all time high, encouraging me to treat myself to dinner (Fabian, 117). Struck There have been many days thus far where have had to rely on caffeine to allow me to get my homework and studying done. There are many variables that have encouraged me to purchase coffee, including my own awareness and have the proximity and convenience of Struck.

Getting coffee often served as a motivation for me to study even more. There were nights my anxiety was actually calmed down knowing I could rely on Struck being right in the Winter Garden to help me get through all of the homework. Really love the high relationship quality and loyalty I have with Struck (Fabian, 25). 3. Social Influence Cottage Inn Pizza 9/13/14 This Saturday was a football Saturday where we were tired and so upset about the Michigan loss to Notre Dame that we decided to order pizza. TO be honest, I wasn’t even hungry, but I decided to follow the group and pitch in to order the pizza.

When in a social environment, I really don’t need much persuasion for many small purchases, as it often easier to go with crowd (Fabian, 149) Bush’s Grocery Store 9/5/14 This was the Saturday of syllabus week, meaning it was our last chance to enjoy life before glasswork picked up. My friend Garage not only suggested that we go to her sister’s apartment complex, but that we go buy groceries to throw a big cookout. Decided to conform to what she wanted and help purchase groceries at a place had never been (Sabina, 140). 4. Purchase Influence Bolos Mediterranean Chicken Schwartz 9/1 0/14

When was in the Sessile Cafe, I was just buying a soft drink when a friend of mine came up and said I should try the Chicken Schwartz because it is Mediterranean Wednesday. The biggest influence in this purchase situation was my friend’s word of mouth information. This information was sudden, but had he not informed me Of this deal I would have never made the purchase (Sabina, 161). Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt 9/7/14 My friend Jacob works for a Flock Tag company who was running a special where if you signed up for a Flock Tag Card, you would get free frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf.

The promotion, or purchase influence in this case, was what ultimately lured me into becoming an Orange Leaf addict and this trip being one of many trips (Fabian, 320). 5. Buying Patterns When looking at my complete journal, I definitely have recognized a couple of buying patterns. The first, and most obvious was the purchase of Struck coffee more and more as the weeks went on. This is partly because of the fact that the seasons have changed and it has been cooler. I also attribute it to the subliminal persuasion using their aroma as pass by the Struck in Ross (Fabian, 53).

The second buying pattern that I have recognized is the purchasing late at night on Thursdays and Friday. Those two days are by far the most expensive days of the week for me (Fabian, 328). 6. Post-Recession Consumer The biggest part of the article that pertained to my consumer behavior habits was when it talked about the consumers being more saws and aware of marketing techniques (Gerbera, 3). I feel as if I have grown increasingly aware of how businesses can manipulate naive buyers into spending marked up goods. Looking back at my purchases, I really feel that was never misled into purchasing something shouldn’t have.

The article said “Generosity binds a company to its community and its stakeholders (Gerbera, 4). ” Couldn’t agree more with that quote. When a Struck employee or a worker at a grocery Store goes the extra mile to put a smile on my face or assist me, I feel more and more consumer loyalty and allegiance to the business. 7. Changes After looking through and observing my buying behavior, don’t see myself making any changes to my purchasing habits. The worst habits that I had or the days where would spend the most amount of money really weren’t something that I considered to be that bad in the scope of things.

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