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Subjects You Exell at

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Discuss the subjects with which you had difficulty. What factors do you believe contributed to your difficulties? How have you dealt with them so they will not cause problems for you again? In what areas have you experienced the greatest improvement? What problem areas remain? “Tom’ “ my teacher called. It was my turn to read my the poem aloud. My heart was racing and I was prepared to read what I thought to be a mediocre poem to the class. I did not comprehend any of the poems we went over in class so I felt terribly uncomfortable explaining it to the class.

It seemed as if everyone was able to interpret the poem except me. How was I to know what the poet really meant? I was not there when he wrote the poem. That day left a bad taste in my mouth, and that was the beginning of difficulty in language arts. Whenever a language arts teacher asked me to interpret a poem or analyze a story, my head would ache. I told myself that language arts and literature were for “deep thinkers,” and I convinced myself that I I was no that type of thinker.

My teacher explained that knowing about the periods in literature and knowing facts about the writers were the keys to unlocking the meaning to literary works, but I convinced myself that it was not for me. My struggles in language arts crossed over to my studies in history. Why do I need to know dates, periods in history, and documents? In my opinion, there was nothing interesting about the American government or 17th century European wars. Although it seemed to others that I was a star student in all my subjects, most did not know how much I struggled to clench my sanity when I entered social studies classrooms.

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Eventually, I reasoned that there is a solution to every problem, and the solution lies within me. With that realization, I changed my attitude and worked hard to excel in both subjects. I studied longer and harder; I improved my note taking skills; I made the library my second home, and stayed after school and sought help when I needed it. Today, I am not the best student in language arts and social studies, but I have greatly improved. I have joined a book club in hopes of becoming more comfortable with reading and understanding literary works.

I also joined the social studies club in order to improve not only my grades but also to improve my attitude toward this subject. In addition, I took the challenge taking Advanced Placement Courses in English Language and Composition and English Literature and Composition. I now see challenging subjects as tests to see if I can move to the next level in my academic journey. With this knowledge, I can excel in difficult classes because I am willing to try. Problems still arise with social studies and language arts, but I have put forth great effort to make sure that my problems do not affect my will to succeed.

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