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Strong Management Skills

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Reward systems influence attraction and retention of employees. Overall, those organizations that give the most rewards tend to attract and retain the most people. This seems to occur because high reward levels lead to high satisfaction, which in turn leads to lower turnover and more job applicants. When certain specifiable conditions exist, reward systems have been demonstrated to motivate performance. However, performance motivation depends on the situation, how it is perceived and the needs of people. The connection between performance and rewards must be visible, and a climate of trust and credibility must exist in the organization.

Knowledge: Programmes in developing appropriate educating systems, in which, instead of teaching what are good, the programme helps participants to examine the relevance and functionality of desired knowledge and discusses the desirable applicable system and the one they see in action. Such programs on job clarification help people to know their own position without hesitation. Examining openly the desirability of a different result oriented system, and also by developing specific ideas of practicing such ideas in the workplace it gives a positive approach.

Four Functions Of Management Changing In The Future: Function of management is the formal grouping of activities e. g. , Planning ,Organizing, Leading and Controlling for facilitating attainment of specific organizational objectives. It is possible to achieve objectives without formally organizing, but there is likely to be great wastage of resources and time. Management ensures that objectives are achieved in the shortest possible time, in an orderly manner, with maximum utilization of the given resources.

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Management system is fast changing and to keep pace with the future the following changes are expected. Talent management: It is proactive rather than reactive, i. e. , always looking forward to what needs to be done and then doing it rather than waiting to be told what to do about recruiting, paving or training people, or dealing with employee relations problems as they arise. The techniques for the application of management will include many familiar functions of personnel managers such as manpower planning, selection, performance appraisal, training and management development.

These will be overlaid by special programmes designed to improve communication systems, involvement, commitment, and productivity. Management is a strategic approach to the acquisition, motivation, development and well-being of the organization’s human resources. It is a specialized field that attempts to develop an appropriate corporate culture, and introducing programmes which reflect and support the core values of the enterprise and ensure its success.

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