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Strategic Analysis and Selection of Information Systems

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Several firms offer consulting services for companies, who do not have large IT departments, in the selection and procurement of the information system that they want. One of the firms that offer such services is Edutech International. Founded in 1948, they cater exclusively to the education sector, assisting in the decision-making and the implementation of information technology in different colleges and universities.

Edutech International has specialists that will assist a company in analyzing information needs, functional specifications, development of a Request for Proposal, evaluation responses, vendor selection, and contract negotiations. They offer services in managerial and technical aspects, applying technology to both academic and administrative areas. For companies with existing information systems, Edutech International can perform maintenance checks and reviews, and can also offer recommendations for those that are performing below the expectations.

Change management is also one aspect that Edutech International specializes in. With the introduction of the new system to the organization, Edutech can provide guidance and assistance to the users on how to go about the new process, and how to adjust to this new system. The firm claims to have no affiliations with any hardware, software, or outsourcing suppliers and vendors, thus assuring their clients of independent and objective advices. Another information systems consultancy provider is the Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. (SEI).

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Unlike Edutech which provides services on many aspects, SEI only focuses on the software—from the design, development and its implementation. They provide strategic positioning of the company through collaborations and alliances and possible diversification; they also help in organizational development to enhance the company’s resources, from labor to its administrative and managerial effectiveness; and offer program management services, ensuring that the company can provide continued service and to make sure the goals and expectations of the group are met.

Its team has more than 80 years of experience under their belts working with non-profit, for-profit, public and business sectors and applying the best practices gleaned from these experiences to suit their client’s needs. SEI also offers services to non-profit groups, foundations and public organizations in the United States. One of their aims is to assist the communities and improve the lives of people by helping them realize their potential.

Allman Horrocks Consulting (AHC) is another firm that provides services on planning, research, business systems, change management/business improvement, and services for membership organizations. They conduct interactive workshops to determine what the client needs, and while the system is being implemented, they also provide monitoring support and guidance to the users. To help in the transition and efficient facilitation of their new system, AHC also offers change management services for their clients.

AHC is the newest company among the three firms mentioned, formed only in 1996. The firm is composed of a small team of experienced consultants for a more personal and customized approach. Their clients vary from small-to-medium-scale businesses to multi-national corporations, from education, real estate, farmers, and pressworkers to manufacturing sectors. Whether the business is small scale or a multi-national operation, whether it is in the field of education, non-profit, or for business, one can surely find the system that works best for their demands and needs.

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