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Stereotypes- Katha Pollitt

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Stereotypes Almost from the birth kids are differentiating, girls are dressed in pink clothes and boys in blue. But they are just kids who behave almost in the same way, and their beliefs are changing with growing up. The only difference between them is their anatomy. Through genes, masculine and feminine traits are physically different. The mostly common stereotype is that girls should play with a doll, take dance lessons and be a nurse, not a doctor because it is a male profession. Why stereotypes are most important factors in our society to distinguish boys from girls?

Following common stereotypes, toys are given to the children according to their gender. Consequently, boys are supposed to play with a truck and girls with a doll. Toy companies design specific toys, ones for girls and other for boys. Even aisles at markets are divided by gender. One is all in pink, with Barbie’s and kitchen sets. The second one is a mixture of colors, mostly of blue and red with trucks and guns. I wonder how it would look conversely, dolls in blue clothes and pink trucks. According to Katha Pollitt article, society gives children deceptive view of the world.

She states, “… to reject her is to say that what Barbie represents- being sexy, thin, stylish. ” This quotation shows untruthful vision of the ideal women. A toy like Barbie negatively influences teen girls because this doll demonstrates an impossible body image. Fortunately kids are good observers and they know it is not true. Barbie and other toys can result in future psychological for the children because of the negative gender roles. The major reason lies only in our beliefs which we pass through generations.

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People lie in the stereotypes because is easier to be like each other. Sometimes being different and standing out from the crowd may have bad effects. I think it is fine and acceptable for a boy to play with a doll, and for a girl with truck. I think that boys playing with dolls can only help them show their emotions and feelings. Since we have the same rights, why is it seen in some way as eccentricity? There is only one major reason why people are so antisocial and sticking with the stereotypes.

It is the traditional view of women as irrational, oversensitive person which destiny is to be a wife and mother. Roots of the current position and status of sexual differentiation lie in childhood and adolescence. During the process of socialization children learn how everything is functioning in the society. Also it comes to the shaping personality traits, needs and values of the system, as well as roles and patterns of behavior expected by the society. Both genders need some knowledge of other’s traditional role in the family life.

Boys like girls should do housework and other stereotyped activities. There are two separate theories to distinguish boys from girls. Stereotyped toys and traditional view of role division, divide our society and leads us to think stereotypically. Therefore, I agree with Katha Pollitt, we should not limit boys and girl by toys according to genders. I don’t think it is not wrong for child to play with any toy or participating in any sports or activity as long as they are having good time and spending their time, and play appropriately.

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