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Stereotype and Prejudice Marjorie

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Title: Prejudice Prejudice Marjorie W. Davis PSY/285 February 28, 2012 Michael Ford Abstract Our discussion is about how does society confirm prejudicial attitudes? How does ones social identity contribute to prejudice? How do emotions encourage prejudicial attitudes? What cognitive processes influence prejudice? Our text has explained competition; competition is an important source of frustration that can fuel prejudice. When two groups compete for jobs, housing, or social prestige, one group’s goal fulfillment can become the other group’s frustration. Prejudice

Society confirms prejudice by what you possess and how much money you have. If you are not in a certain bracket such as (high class or middle class), you are considered poor. Prejudice helps justify the economic and social superiority of those who have wealth and power. Of course they will not give a chance at credit to buy a house, car, or start a business. Society, also confirm prejudice by the way you dress or the car you drive. Society confirms prejudicial attitude by focusing on personal individuality and Independence, as opposed to becoming a team with neighbors and friends.

I am so glad that God looks at the heart and man looks at the outer appearance. One's social identity contributes base on a realization of limited environmental control. The more you believe that you can impact your environment or social status, the less roll social identity plays Emotions really affect prejudicial attitudes because most of the time people make decisions based on their emotions. Emotions of fear and sadness or joy and gladness, which can cause you to project feelings in a hurtful way, rather than in a helpful manner Cognitive process influence prejudice through stereotyping, which cause prejudice.

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Stereotype and Prejudice Marjorie

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This can be a result of the normal ways in which we simplify and organize the world. Stereotypes are the social scripts we have in our heads about others and the roles we believe they should play in our socially constructed world. It is important to have the understanding of the basic concepts of prejudice and racism, and how to lessen their destructive effect (Rosado, 1995-2012). Reference Rosado, C. (1995-2012). Critical Multicultral Pavilion Research Room. Retrieved from http://www. edchange,org/multicultral/papers/caleb/racism. html

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