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Steps in Making Business reports

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The importance of the report determines the kind of effort called for: - the amount of research - the length of the report - time spent in writing it to the importance of the subject - use of the report It is important that your readers to be identified, so that the style, format, and the tone of the report may be determined. Tone refers to the total emotional and intellectual effect of a passage of writing. Since tone reflects to feelings, the business report writer must take care that he does not cloud his purpose in writing the report with his emotions. The reader of the report must also be sensitive to the tone of the report. The following generalizations about tone may be considered in writing the report: 1. Reports that travel upward, especially to top management, generally, are written in a more formal tone than those that travel laterally or downward. 2. Reports circulates outside the company are usually more formal in tone than those kept within the "family' for internal use. 3.

Be generous with headings because report. 2. Words used must be simple 3. Sentences and paragraphs must be short 4. Coherence - provides transitional words between sentences and paragraphs which are expressed as therefore, yet, however, in addition to 5. Margins should be consistent throughout the report, and double spaced for easier reading 6. Illustrations (maps, tables, graphs, drawings, diagrams) give a clear presentation of data especially if any figures are used. After the first draft has been written and edit the report for mechanical errors or errors of facts.

Are words correctly spelled? Do ideas relate to one another? Is the right word used? Here are a few examples to show how proper editing results in clarity and conciseness: Original: Sales for the month of July were, by and large, higher than they were for a similar period last year, but the difference is not appreciably so, at least to the extent where one might now consider sitting on "his success" so to speak. As a matter of fact, the increase was only approximates 4. 5% over last year's sales which were Just average for the industry.

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Edited: Sales for the month of July were approximated only 4. 5 percent higher than in the similar period last year. Although this is an improvement, it is not impressive and one should make every effort o increase this figure in the future. Original: The business executive has many duties to carry through in business nowadays. He is often called upon to make decisions involving the expenditure of funds, future corporate and movement of human resources. He must also attend many kinds of meetings which are professional in nature and scope.

Moreover, he has counseling duties to his subordinates. And on some occasions he must serve as the company's representative to community groups. These are only few of the many tasks hat the modern business executive is expected to carry through. Edited: Today's modern business executive has many duties to perform. Some of these are: 1 . Decision making for the expenditure of funds, for corporate planning, and for the movement of personnel. 2. Attendance in professional meetings. 3. Counseling of subordinates. 4. Serving as the company representative to community groups.

Steps in Making Business reports essay

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