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Statement of Goals and Choices

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This project clearly shows mages that have a positive view on math and science but a negative view of English. The reason being is because I wanted to show what most people In the united States think about English. The use of black and white pictures was to show that the matter at hand is serious and that it is black and white, meaning that there is two sides you can choose. This effectively forces the audience to automatically start thinking about which side they will choose. Making this exactly what I wanted to achieve, to make people think deeply about education.

Pictures having people who hate reading represent the stress that comes along with the subject of English. Other pictures give a real feel to the audience because the pictures show actual facts, people, or things that represent emotions and connotations In the realm of education. No matter how far fetched the pictures were I was able to connect them to the goal of getting English to be a more sought after subject. My audience for this project was very broad. I chose to target the entire united States.

This seemed necessary because children aren't able to choose things for themselves their whole lives but when they get older propaganda they have seen will still have an affect on them. So, If parents were to see the posters the hope would be that they would be able to help the process of their child being more Involved with English. Other audience members would include everyone from the President down. The broad audience to me was a way of having some type of call to action to citizens and officials alike.

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Statement of Goals and Choices

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This medium was chosen because I felt that the more original and authentic the project was people would make personal connections. I think that personal connection Is the most effective way to Influence and educate someone. If they feel that they are a part of the argument it may lead to them doing their own research. Other projects such as; videos, blobs, and digital posters did not appeal to me. The reason being is because I am talking about English needing to be the more important subject in schools. Sing technology seemed a little hypocritical and the affect that he plain black and white photos have on people Is perfect. Mediums other than mine did not feel' right. This lead me to Just doing something simple because that Is naturally to most people. The ability to be literate is a rarity in the world, why do most people take it for granted. This project shows exactly what message I was trying to get across and its simplicity makes people over look the depth of each photo. Which in turn makes them wonder and think, which is all that is needed when trying to influence people.

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