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Spirited Away Movie Review

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spirited Away Movie Review Spirited Away, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is his most imaginative work to date. It is a tale designed for the young audience around ten years old. Despite the expected age group, however, it is adults that will probably learn more from this film. The story begins as ten-year-old Chihiro and her parents accidentally find a tunnel in the countryside that leads them into an old, deserted park. When her parents help themselves to a lot of delicious food, Chihiro goes around.

But as night is coming, she comes back to find that her mum and dad have been turned into pigs. She is then trapped in a horrible world of gods.

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In this world, humans are scorned. Then Chihiro tries to make herself sent to work in a bathhouse. She works hard, makes herself useful, and finds her courage so that she can find a way to break the spell. For a film designed for a young audience, Spirited Away is surprisingly profound. The thesis of this story is related to the importance of names and promises.

When Chihiro becomes employed by Yubaba, the witch who rules the spirit world and take her name away, which Chihiro needs to free herself. Yubaba herself also is bound by the spell she has made in the past. In the world of Spirited Away, everyone is bound by their own words and names. What makes this animated film different from most of the popular children’s animated films, such as those made by Disney, is that there is no real enemy that the main character has to fight with.

There are no clear lines between good and evil in Spirited Away. Yubaba appears to be the film’s main evil, but the audience do not hate her so much that they wish her to die, since she also has a compassionate or weakness, when it comes to her spoiled boy. This film is wit-knot from the beginning to the end. From the moment when Chihiro meets the male lead character, Haku, the pace of the film is increased. One reason the story is so attractive and outstanding is that the whole film is transcending audience’s imagination.

Audience always find themselves having certain expectations of how the story will develop, but each time the story turns out in a completely unexpected direction. Chihiro’s selflessness and bravery are really surprising sometimes. They are also inspiring and heartwarming. There are a lot of sub-characters, such as No-Face and Yubaba’s oversized baby named Boh, and sub-plots connected together with Chihiro and the main plot without any fault. Another noticeable thing is the music, which combines Japanese musical features with western ones.

Some tracks are peaceful and sad when at night, Chihiro is worrying her future and condition, gazing out over the ocean. Other tracks are mysterious and attractive. For example, when Chihiro frightfully finds her environment transformed, there are even grand tracks to match the coming of the gods. The soundtrack is as effective as other facts in making Spirited Away special and impressive. There is absolutely no weakness I can find with this film, and it is hard to imagine how anyone could not like it.

Spirited Away is beautifully animated. It is also made up of wildly imaginative characters and an inspiring story. In addition, there is matchlessly great music to support the film. People who have seen the film are believed to be divided into two main groups: those who like it, and those who will absolutely like it. Both kids and adults will enjoy themselves and have their own feelings. There is no doubt that Spirited Away is one of the best films.

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