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It is advertising Sure sensitive anti-perspirant. This is new on the market so there are a few lines of text underlining the fundamentals of the product. Sure emphasise greatly on the fact that their anti-perspirent is just as powerful as competitor's offerings but is kinder to skin. They see this as the main selling point of the product. The figure, of a boxer in typical stance, doesn't look out of place in such a magazine but the fact that surrealism has been used, by substituting boxing gloves for cushions, creates a strong visual contrast that attracts attention and interest. The image draws the reader to the text which highlights the selling points succinctly and effectively, as discussed before.

By creating the potent image, it is drawing a link between the powerful boxer, suggesting the strength of the product, and the delicate softness of the cushions, implying the product is gentle. I feel this has been used to good effect in the promotion as not only does it invite you to read on, it incorporates a pun- this perhaps prompting many people to wish to re-read the advertisment. This advert is effective. Sure get their point across extremely well and threw in humour and wit into the finished product. The first television advert I will analyse is promoting the Toyota Avensis saloon car.

This advertisment is characterised by three succesful-looking business men, and situated in a gymnasium style building. This suggests a private club as the men appear to be affluent, professional people. This creates a feeling of exclusivity and selectivness. The men are having a game of squash, the typical winding down game for middle aged men. The group, having showered and changed, are taking part in classic one upmanship. They are all competing with each other, boasting about their successes in their chosen work field. One brags that he has tripled his turnover and looks to the others, as though challenging them to respond.

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By return, his friend, not to be outdone, tells them of his being headhunted again, suggesting that he is so succesful that everyone would like him to be contracted to their firm. The other, more quiet character, seems bemused by their competativness and flashes a wry smile. This implies that he doesn't need to be told he is succesful and that he is happy within himself. He doesn't need other people to recognise his achievments. He seems to be the most secure of all the three characters, as a result of this. Later, the scene shifts and the trio are shown to be leaving the changing rooms and, upon reaching the street, the third, more self- confident character, inquires into whether the other characters would like a ride, interrupting their banter.

The friends accept, after seeing his car- A brand new Toyota. They get in, and look around, mentally inspecting their surroundings. Obviously approving, one inquires into his profession, by saying, "What did you say you did again?" The driver looks into his rear view mirror and replies: "I didn't" Text then appears on screen, using the now what we know to be the Toyota slogan, 'Quality speaks for itself.' All in all, the Toyota Avensis advertisment fullfills its brief as the story line ensures the viewer stays interested.

The use of the differing characters adds to the idea that a Toyota Avensis appeals to the individual. It evokes a feeling of satisfaction, of luxury and a feeling of "I've arrived" The text is brief and to the point, emphasising the fact that the car does not need glamourising as 'Quality speaks for itself.' The next advert to be analysed is the new and hugely controversial mini-epic from Chanel. The story follows a famous actress who escapes from the pressures of stardom in the company of a man of whom nothing is known. The famous actress is, naturally, played by a famous actress. Nicole Kidman represents the elegence normally associated with Chanel and by casting her as the actress an aspect of realism is added to the advert.

The term 'advert' is used very loosely with this new offering from Chanel. Lasting four minutes with a full minute of credits and a �20million budget, Chanel deservedly call their promotion a 'film.' All the body language of the Chanel campaign stresses that selling a scent can be as artistically significant as shooting a movie. It may seem strange that a merket leader as Chanel no 5 surely is should have such a huge budget thrust on it but the fims brief was not neccessarily to sell more perfume. The aim was to continue to reinforce no 5 as a global brand leader, keeping the product in the forefront of customers imagination.

For this reason, their will be no immediate sales increase by which the advert can be judged. The plot of the advert is hugely clichd and has such supinely globalised imagery and in the sense of keeping the Chanel brand in the imagination of the public, the 20million advertisment suceeds hugely. To conclude, advertising is not always about selling a specific product, it is selling a way of life, a style of living that we crave. The Chanel promotions are elegant and sophisticated and preserve its classic image. Toyota is also selling a way of life and recommends the car as the choice of the succesful individual who is more inclined to buy a product for what it is and not the brand name that is attached. Sure's advert is just about selling their deoderant and is aimed at one specific target group.

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