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Sociology Assignment Personality Development

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Proponents of the nature side of the argument claim that these personality traits are hereditary and hat when you are born, you already possess all of the key traits that form your personality. L, for one, disagree. Based on my own knowledge, I have come more to agreement with the side that claims we are who we are by nurture. So given the argument that we are born with a set number of traits that will dictate our personality, that may be true, but what evokes us to actually exhibit these traits?

Nurture isn't it?! For example, a child may be born with the personality trait to be lazy. However, if raised by a more proactive parent, the child will eventually adjust to his mentality and learn to get things done in a prompt and proper manner. I then continue to conclude that we develop our individual personalities to fit into how we think others see us. We are continuously changing depending on the people we are in contact with.

You are not the same person you are with your friends as you are with your family. This is because you know that they expect different things from you. The child In my previous example, for Instance, may really be lazy by nature, but, because he or she knows what Is expected by the parent, the child changes him or resell to fit Into that Industrious role. So, I am the outgoing, caring, kind, and respectful person I am because I was raised that way.

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I was taught to always work for what I want because nothing worthwhile comes for free in life. I respect because I am respected and I care because I am cared for. All in all, the people in my life deserve to be thanked for shaping me into the notable person I have come to be. Their good ways have influenced me through the nurture they have provided over the whole time being.

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