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Smartphones Are an Essential Part of Society

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Smartphones are an Essential Part of Society Smartphones are helping people to be more efficient, but with some side effects. “Many colleges and universities are further pushing the boundaries of services that can be delivered on smartphones” (Gordon 2007). Even though smartphones are making the human race complacent and dependent, these mobile devices are useful tools because they make life easy and keep one organized in a fast-paced world. “Wake Forest has a MobileU (mobileu. wfu. du) pilot program focusing on mobile messaging, mobile access to information such as calendars, campus announcements, and real-time location of the campus shuttle bus” (Gordon 2007). If one were to only read, the Korean Herald, one would believe that everybody who has a smartphone; does not like to get out of their pajamas or leave the house. “The smart device boom may be a blessing for many who now have instant access to everything from emails to the nearest restaurant serving their favorite foods, but smart products also are making electronics companies increasingly lazy” (Herald 2011).

Another example that shows that smartphones are making people lazy and too dependent is stated in, ”The trend is partly blamed on technology making it easier for lazy staff to email a colleague rather than walk over to see them” (Express 2012). Smartphones are making people lazy and too dependent; they are useful tools because phones make a person’s life easier.

For example, sending an Army SPOT Report message, a concise narrative report of essential information covering tactical events or conditions, requires a soldier to first enter a 12-digit date-time group and a six-digit grid coordinate, a task that takes up time in a critical situation. Smartphones, which have their own built-in clocks and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, automatically populate those fields in the SPOT Reports and other Army messages that require a time stamp and precise location information (Brewin 2011).

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Another example that shows that smartphones make a person’s life easier is “Connecting Soldiers application will help soldiers communicate in languages other than English, McCarthy said, outputting translation audibly through the smartphone speaker and by text on its screen. The project already has an Arabic language application, and he would like to find an affordable application that can translate Pashto and Dari, the main languages of Afghanistan” (Brewin 2011). Smartphones are a useful tool because these handheld devices help people to stay organized. An individual can do almost anything with a smartphone.

Today with all the applications to download, it is easy to stay on track. Individuals can you use the calendar function to keep their appointments and send reminders about up and coming events. Smartphones also allow for checking emails and surfing the web. Smartphones also let people play games. The days of the old paper organizer are gone forever! Users of smartphones and even those that do not have these handheld devices can appreciate them. Although smartphones are making people lazy and too dependent, smartphones are useful tools for two main reasons.

First, smartphones make a one’s life easier. Nevertheless, most importantly, smartphones help people to stay organized.

References Brewin, Bob (2011). Army confirms battlefield smartphones tests began in December. Computers--Information Science And Information Theory Gordon, Rachel Singer (2007). Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public and Academic Libraries. Medford, NJ, USA: Information Today, Inc. , doi: 10492819. P. 31 The Express. (2012) "Office work 'makes you fat and lazy” THE KOREA HERALD, (2011): “IT industry too dependent on smart devices”

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