Respect for Other People Is an Integral Part of Society

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Discrimination has played a role in humanity from the beginnings of human existence to the modern societies of today. Over the past year's LGBT have made a crucial legal and political gain in the USA.I believe men and women should beable to love freely and not be shamed by it. If people are happy it does not matter to the others. People should respect other and their decisions. My hope with this paper is to show that gays and lesbians is not a fact unconstitutional, but there is a right of freedom and they should be respected for everyone with no excuses. When it comes to Gays and lesbians, there seem to be several contributing factors that weigh in on the decisions made on the acceptance of gays and lesbians, most of which seem to be religious but can also be very heavily weighed on political views. Being openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender in the workforce can lead to discrimination, that is the reason why people sometimes are afraid of it. There are many gays and lesbians that keeps a fake relationship with their partners just to show that they are the following the path of the society.

I believe that the media and politics nowadays has a huge influence on that. Every day in the USA gays are being fired, denied a job, refused promotion, or some other form of discrimination. It’s not because they do not qualify for the job it is just because they are gay and lesbians. It should not happen nowadays, we are living in a new era today people must learn from their parents how respect others, how they are. Each person has their own personality and people should be free to do whatever they want.

Also, I believe that when people are born, they are already gay, they do not become gays during their lives. The United States is an example for diversity and tolerance in the world. There are laws, policies and protection for a person’s rights. However, even with this in place many LGBT are still discriminated against. Gays in general today faces with discrimination with jobs, relationships, adopting, religion, and social prejudice. People who are homosexual are told that they cannot have same things as an heterosexual because of their sexual orientation. As an example, I have a friend which is gay, and he is married with another man, last year they adopted a baby and they are happy with that because it was a long process to get it done. Even his family was not accepting his decision, so he kept going following his dream and he got that. It took around one year for the whole process. Also, both are graduated from college, one of them is a Doctor and the other one is a lawyer. As you can see, they are capable, but it still happening discrimination; especially their family who should be helping them, giving hopes and the most important love. Love is what people should share, it is essential for life. Since

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I was a little boy, I learned from my parents to be respect to others, no matter who they are and that is what I do my whole life. I have many friends who are gays, lesbians and to be honest I love them. Being gay does not change the people personality, they just have a different sexual orientation.

Over the past years The United States of America had discrimination not only about gays and lesbians, but also with practiced against African Americans, Latinos, women, and other groups in society. I believe that all these people want equality and they are fighting for the same reason which is equality and I completely agree with it. Equality should be equal for all, does not matter the color of skin, if you are Latino or from a different country or even just being a woman. These kinds of discrimination should not happen anymore. Racism in the USA has existed for a long time ago.

Socially or legally sanctioned privileges and rights were given to white American but denied to all races. Racism today still exist in our society, racial discrimination and inequality continues to be an issue. Discrimination is something that cannot simply be erased. People should have consciousness about it. Having a different skin color does not mean that you are not capable to do something just because of the color of your skin. I have an example that happened with my friend here in the USA. My friend went to a job interview and there were four white people looking for the same position at this company, and she told me that they were laughing at her because she was the only black people on that day. After that she was the one who got the job, she was the right person for this position and as I mention before we all are the same, the only difference is that each person has their own personality.

The United States also has a big issue about immigration at all not only with Latinos, with the whole world. I completely agree with the government about the laws and rules that immigrants should follow in order to stay in the United States legally. I strongly agree with The President Trump about his decision to build a border wall with Mexico. The president Trump just wants to keep the country in order. He is completely right. I can say as an immigrant that I follow the rules, and I know that there are several people who comes to the USA to stay illegally, that is why the government create rules and laws.

In addition, I believe that if people want to live in another country, they should know that they must follow the rules of the country. The USA wants to keep the strong economy, having several illegal people living here without paying taxes it is not a good thing for the country. Another thing that have been discussed recently is that the Government wants to keep the eyes on immigrants because they are afraid of attack terrorists, that is why every year it is getting difficult to get in the USA, visas are being denied for many people around the world. In addition, people around the world wants to live in a democracy country with a strong economy. Also, I believe that the government should create a law or something that can help the undocumented immigrants because they cannot go anywhere, they cannot do anything. Giving them a change to get for example a work permit or something related with work, so they can pay their taxes and helps the economy of the country.

There's another issue that has a huge impact in the USA is the women's rights. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage. I believe that women should have the same rights as a man. Women needs to be respected for everyone, and they should earn the same amount of money if they do the same kind of job. It not fair at all a woman who does the same job as a man makes less money just because she is a woman. I think that if she pays her college as any other man with the same price, she must earn the same amount of money in a company. Also, there are some country where women are not allowed to vote. Here in America, they are free to vote, but in the past, they were not allowed to vote. In 1920 the U.S constitution granted women the right to vote. I believe that women must vote, because there is not only mans in a country and women's have their views and what is good for the country. They also help the country helping whose is going to be the best candidate.

I believe that our tendency to discriminate is an inevitable part of human nature because each person has their own personality. As they grew up, this person will develop his/her identity. But I also think that has influence from the culture and politics and, the media. In the United States of America, the discrimination never ends, around the world always will have people being disrespectful to others. Unfortunately, we live in a place where people do not have an open mind and most of the people wants to the others follow the way the live. So, will never have an agreement between these two types of people. In addition, we all need to understand the others opinion, if we do not agree with them. Just stay quiet, it is not going to change your life, if people do not do what they want. I will give you an example of being respect. I used to be a volleyball player in my country and on this field, there are many gays and lesbians, and I never said anything about their personal life, that is not my life.

So, I must agree with them, and I will always be by their side, if they need anything. We are all humans and sometimes we do not know exactly what to do with our lives. The government should create laws to put people in the jail; especially racist, homophobic people, they cannot just be disrespectful to other and nothing happens. They should be punished by the authorities. There are many people dying nowadays just because they are gay or having a different skin color, it is not fair. The government should be in alert with this because some places it is just getting worse, there are many areas in Orlando with just black people and there are areas with just white people. It is something that is growing over the past years, but I also would like to say that not only black people suffer with discrimination. White people as well. There are black people who does not like white people. Sometimes it is the opposite, but most of the time black people are the most common issue white racism.

In conclusion, this paper helped me to realized that each person has their own characteristic and personality. Also, people should learn how to respect people's life style. In fact, we should share our love, that means respect. Without respect the world would be a chaos. Being respect to others is something that people should have learn since when they were kids from their parents. Being respectful is key to succeed in life and I believe that people should stop following the media. Media for me is a danger communication, they lie all the time and they do not show what is exactly happen on the real world. As my mother always says to me to help other and be friendly no matter what, I have been doing this and I can see a huge difference, I can make friends easily, I do not care if they are gay, lesbians, black or white. I just want them to be treated like everyone! Equality for everyone. We need more love in the world. Freedom of speech is essential for us who lives in The United States of America.

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