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Sarah James

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In the email the deader gets an Impression that Sarah has negated the positive Images Professor WA. McGill of PLUS and DRP. Jimenez of IN had about her. This case study emphasis the relevance of Hefted Studies. Through analysis of this case, we are required to address certain questions. 1 . Should Sarah have moderated her diet to accommodate her host family? Sarah is from USA, which has a high score of individualism ranking at 91. High scoring under "individualism parameter indicates higher importance to their time, need for freedom and respect for privacy.

This could be sensed from her mail to her reformers complaining about the issues related to food she had at her host family. Most Americans see themselves as separate Individuals, autonomous and self-reliant not as representatives of a family, community or other group. They dislike being dependent on other people or having other people be dependent on them. Some people from other countries view this attitude as selfish; others view it as a healthy freedom from the constraints of ties to family, clan or social class.

Sarah Is a vegetarian and Likes privacy in the matter of food. Hence she is offended bout the comments by her family on her not eating meat and also caring too much likes. However, she should not be offended about the opinions of others on her food habits. Sarah probably could have created a personal rapport with the host and conveyed her likes and dislikes in a friendlier manner. By doing this she could have got opportunities to be served with vegetarian food such as black beans, etc by the host mother. 2.

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How could you advise Sarah if you were debriefing her regarding her host family issues :- If an opportunity was provided to debrief Sarah regarding her host family issues, the devise in respect of each problem faced by Sarah would be provided as under :- A) The vegetarian problem:- Sarah could have explored vegetarian Mexican foods available outside the host home. She could have sought the views of her colleagues at the work place and tried Mexican vegetarian food during lunch time or could have sourced it from nearby restaurants at nights. This should have reduced her longing for vegetarian food at the host home.

She could have even opted of eating fruits and vegetables at host home. Sarah could have also stepped into the shoe of the host ND looked into the situation from their perspective. B) The transportation problem to the Airport: - This problem occurred mainly due to communication and cultural gap. She could have sorted out the issues by arranging for her own travel and transport to the Airport or could have taken Airport services through some travel agencies. She could have even arranged transport through some of her colleagues, friends etc.

C) The extra money problem for the final parting day: - Considering the fact that charging of the extra money for the extra hours on the parting day could have been voided by the host family. Sarah could have understood the Mexican culture being there for quite some time. The host family is doing such services for their financial benefits and hence such situations is expected. 3. What should professor McGill do? What should he communicate to Jimenez at IN ? What should he say to Sarah? Professor McGill, being the Head of the International Business and spokes person of minimize the impact of the open mail sent by Sarah.

The mail would create complications in the future relations between the two institutes and a speedy espouse would strengthen the relationship in the future. Professor McGill should be first apologetic to DRP. Jimenez on behalf of Sarah and PLUS since the problem faced by Sarah was with the host family and not with IN or the Agencies. He should bring the attention of DRP. Jimenez to the fact that the very critical aspect of cross cultural adjustments was overlooked by both the schools when they embarked on these programmers. To streamline the process and avoid such embarrassing situations in future, Proof.

McGill should suggest the following to DRP. Jimenez:- a. The host family and IN should have written agreement of dos and donuts. B. Both the schools should exchange the profiles of the students and host families based on which the students and host families could have an opportunity to select their choice. C. There should be a proper preparatory sessions on cross cultural behavior for the students who are opting for study abroad opportunities. D. There should be a systematic approach for selecting the host families and also the stipend level for the host family should be revised. Proof. McGill should diplomatically handle the matter with Sarah.

Any censure or criticism by Proof. McGill at this point could affect her morale and possibly could lead her opening up with her classmates on this matter. It could discourage onward movement of students to Mexico from PLUS citing these issues. So the best way forward is to take her through the positives of the programmer and then suggest her how it could have been handled better. McGill should convey that it would have been appropriate for Sarah to convey the feelings first to Proof. McGill, who could stress the fact that Mexico is a hierarchical society, which means that people accept a aerographical order in where everyone has their own place.

He should also make sure that one of the prerequisites for international students is adaptability to cross cultural challenges which could not be adjusted. And also Sarah has to motivate and informed about the different cultures and lifestyles around the world and ask her to adjust with the difference available in the world. 4. Was this a successful experience for Sarah? Explain? Sarah had a successful experience on her visit to Mexico on the following 1 . She had a good exposure on the cargo forwarding broking business in which her agencies had excellent track record.

She was also offered to work anywhere in Mexico or Latin America by the Agencies. 2. She could learn a new language Spanish which would add up to her benefits and also had hands on experience in their culture and beliefs. 3. One Major learning was to live the hard way. She had issues with food, and other cultural difference. But she coped up and completed her task. She also could make out that life is not an easy game on her personal front. 4. Sarah also got a good experience on international business and got good inputs on Doing business in Mexico through her teacher Maria.

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