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Microsoft Computer Desktop Software Training Request for Proposals General Information Prestige Worldwide is preparing to upgrade its computer desktop operating systems and productivity software applications from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional 2010. Part of the implementation plan is to provide training for all software applications within Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 to all thirty employees.

Summary Currently, Prestige Worldwide, Information Technology Division is planning to upgrade our company’s computer software to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional 2010. Making training available for all thirty employees will be part of the software upgrade plan. Prestige Worldwide desires to enter into a contracted agreement with a software training vendor for the training needs of this software upgrade project, as well as for other “as needed” software application training needs.

Recent surveys conducted by the IT Division on training topics, showed in addition to traditional classroom instruction, there was a high percent of company employees who prefer to receive their training via online methods. Survey revealed that those who preferred classroom training, preferred to receive training “on-site. ” As result of company employee surveys, we will be looking toward facilitating these training needs within our organization. Prestige Worldwide will be soliciting vendors that can facilitate both classroom instruction and online web based training.

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We may select multiple vendors to satisfy our training requirement providing both classroom instruction, and online web-based training. Prestige Worldwide- Information Technology Division (IT) will award the contracted services to the vendor(s) that provide the best value for the desired methods to meet our company training needs. Prestige Worldwide will provide on-site classroom facilities at its San Diego Ca office location, which can accommodate training from one to a group of 30 employees.


As part of the operating system up date to the Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, upgrade. Prestige Worldwide desires to make available software training to all its company employees to assimilate to the new software functions and to maintain level of proficiency, as well as to learn all the new capabilities and features that will increase the skill set of the user of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional 2010.

Prestige Worldwide is looking for training that will accomplish this objective. Among criteria and specifications are, but not limited to

  • Training levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance for 30 employees.
  • Provide assessment tool for proper course level.
  • Ability to complete all required training for 30 employees within the allotted 3-week timeframe.
  • Core desktop software training for Microsoft Office 2010, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher
  • Microsoft Certified Trainers
  • Onsite Instructor-led training Fully hosted, online web-based training
  • Customized training
  • Provide course materials, training aids, and related training software.

Response and Performance Expectations Executive Summary

Provide a brief summary describing training, offerings, and methods. Description of Organization and Qualifications Provide a description of the business, history, and organizational structure of the organization. Experience on similar training engagements Summaries or brief descriptions of minimum of three training engagements that are similar to the requirements of this training. References must be for services provides within the past two years. Include the name of the client and a point of contact, date of training provided. Post-Training Support Detail any post-training support and resources that are available once training is completed. Pricing Provide detailed pricing of all cost associated for the desired training. Please Include any additional cost that may be incurred. To include

  • Assessment testing
  • Training materials
  • Training computer setup
  • Group classes onsite
  • Individual training
  • Online, web-based training
  • Vendor Submittals Response to the RFP must include the following information
  • Name, address and telephone number of your company
  • List of individuals and/or vendors comprising the team for this project and what specific role each role will take in completing the work.
  • Provide a detailed summary of your experience in similar training engagements.
  • Include names, address, and phone numbers of clients.
  • Vendors may include the following supplemental material
  • You may provide any material not specifically required as supplemental information.
  • Additional material may include the following.
  • Additional information, and/or descriptions of similar training engagements you have completed.
  • Additional promotional material describing your firm and its services.

Additional customer references. Selection Criteria Contract award will be based on pricing, and performance. The following criteria shall be used to evaluate the proposals.

  • The proven ability of the training methods to meet IT’s objectives and experience in similar training engagements.
  • Understanding of the roject and responsiveness to the RFP
  • Staff assigned

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