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Radiologic Sciences and Therapy

Dreams have always helped people to strive hard and achieve that goal.When we were young, we faced the challenges life had to offer for us to become better people.Being a member of the allied health team has always been a part of my wish list.

When I was given the opportunity to major in Science, I did not hesitate whatsoever – I grabbed the opportunity instantly.

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I believe that being admitted to this institution is my way of acquiring the information needed for me to be of service to others. The knowledge that I have acquired can help me to further enhance my craft, and eventually lead for me to have new discoveries.

I am one of those people who value education. As a young individual, I am on this continous quest of acquring knowledge, that I know can someday uplift me. I am very determined and I love helping other people.

In preparation for this course, I took general classes like Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Medical terminology. I believe that these classes could help me have a better understanding of the field I am venturing on. I am also taking Anatomy and Physiology this coming term.

As a prerequisite to this course, I volunteered at the Radiation Oncology Department of the Grant Medical Center. I did fifty hours of clinical observation in this department.

I also saw how patients with Cancer, specifically those diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Cancer of the Uterus were treated. It was interesting to see how people from this field can help in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.

I know that being admitted to your institution can help me achieve those dreams and be the best person that I can be.

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