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Sit Ins

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North Carolina was a place filled with discrimination and racism. There were places where African Americans couldn't eat or shop in the same stores. Although slavery was over, some of the feelings that whites felt towards blacks were still empresses. With that being said, on February 6, 1960, four young men that went to A university decided that they should make a stand against discrimination in their town. I can remember the day like yesterday. It was the middle of February when they people started talking about doing the next sit

In, I knew that I would be there taking a stand with the rest of my people. We went Into the diner and Immediately sat down at the counter as tables. When I mean that there were hundreds of people that came down to help support the movement. And It wasn't all blacks that supported, there were whites down there too who helped In the sit-ins. We sat there for hours on edge Just walling for someone to service us, but they just stared. For a long time they Just watched us Like we were aliens. They didn't know whether to be confused or angry. After some time had past, they had soon called the cops.

And to the officers surprise, they were out numbered by a lot. They had to call for back up just to start to get us out. We made sure we stood our ground and made sure we kept our composure. It had gotten really bad too. People were throwing drinks at us, food, and anything else that they thought would provoke us into reacting in a negative way. The police officers started to get physical and violent and we weren't even do anything wrong. All we wanted was to be serviced and waited on. What's the difference between blacks money and whites? Just knew that this would be a part of a long process that will soon end with positive results.

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