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Public International Law

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In addition to our syllabus, more of the oral and reporting which is usual in the class will take place. The lessons I learned from my English summer class are not that quite easy to analyze but with the help of our professor, it is more easy to understand because he taught very clearly. The PAP style syllabus which Is about the avoidance of plagiarism help me to know Its Limitations and rules that I should follow for us to know the Limit of exceeding in the line. Actually, there are many different ways to credit the author that you get your sources from, whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper or online research.

Back in high school, whenever we are gathering information from different resources, we were always task to do the bibliography properly. Now in college, there were similarity in acknowledging the authors and the creditors, the deference is that when we are studying the PAP styles, it shows how broad the topic Is and how important to follow all the formats that were given In the syllabus. And It is not only we are studying the format in gathering from the book, but there were different given circumstances and example which is very helpful for me.

Before, in other subjects when we are task to do some home works and there should be acknowledgements we Just copies the link of it, the thing is back then we didn't know that when we get from the online sites, there are still formats to follow which I knew now already and I'm not Joking that I actually already memorized how to credit the authors or even If here's not, the format of It are now clear In my mind and maybe In the future, the PAP style which we tackled is very helpful for us not to be accused for popularizing.

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Other lessons we learned, in the reporting area in particular the Narratives conventions and devices, teaching us on how to sequence properly the stories and the importance of order. Second, the Logical fallacies are a fallacy in logical argumentation. For example, Bandwagon Is a cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular. Suggesting that simply because a lot of others are doing It, you should too.

Last example is the Hasty generalizations, which draw a conclusion from insufficient evidence. In the end, the last topic in all the reporting is the writing process, which is a several steps to go through to make up to an essay. First to the last steps are the preprinting, writing, revising, editing and publishing. For me, the importance of reading is very helpful whenever I write reflection papers or essays. Actually It has a significant number of benefits.

Beforehand, I'm really not Into instructor would always say to us that for us to be fluent and good in English, we should read every day for us to widen our vocabulary and ideas that will refreshed our minds, and it expands our knowledge and discoveries which is a great help. Since reading is keeping your brain active, it will lessen your forgetfulness which results in better writing skills. So whenever I write some paper works, the ideas and imaginations is more broad that results in composing a good sentences and paragraphs.

When the writing process was tackled in the reporting, I listed it down because if you like to be a good composer or a writer, the process and orders are very important to follow. And, following these steps is not only necessary to achieve a good grade; it would also develop your writing skill, and make you able to think in a more organized way. After all, writing is not only a product, rather, a process also. To sum it up, all the topics that we discussed really helped me. Maybe until before or after I graduate I can still use all the lessons I learned.

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