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Psychology Post Labor Day

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This Sync drone results in anxiety, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating and a feeling of e emptiness during the first few weeks of returning to work. There is a lot of factual inform action that is used to back up this idea. Most of the research is professionally studied and scientifically proved. However, some evidence is stronger than others. This article provides a lot of evidence. This article is mostly scientific because almost all of the information comes from professional doctors, journals, or SST dies.

For example, a study of 96 Dutch workers "found that health and wellbeing return De to pre vacation levels during the first week back at work. " This was conducted by pro fissionable and published in the journal Work and Stress. The article also states information on and then tells the readers where that information came from, weather it was a jog renal or a person. For example, after the article explains to be alert for symptoms of Pos t Vacation Syndrome, it refers to its source, "... Says Katherine Mueller, assistant director o f the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy in Allentown, P. " The article gives a thou rough description of who the person is. Her occupation/ position and her location. Some evidence is slightly stronger scientifically than others because of its accuracy. Not all the people who are mentioned in this article are 100% correct but they are not war Eng either. Some evidence gives a more accurate description than others. For example, " An estimated 6% of the U. S. Population suffers from SAD" (Seasonal Affective Dies order) This piece of evidence gives a numerical value which makes it more accurate than the statements above.

Most evidence in this article is factual however there are some opinions. Facts are pieces Of information that are scientifically proven while opinions are the way someone thinks and their viewpoint on a topic. For example, Emily Clicking has an opinion on children's' and adults' mindsets on going back to school. '"General Y, kids can't wait to go back to school. For parents, that means months of purchasing , planning, nagging, chauffeuring, chaperoning and negotiating. " This is an opinion because SE it is not true for all children and parents to view going back to school that way.

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That SST atonement reflects more on Clinician's point of view than on scientifically proven facts. If Clicking would have mentioned a percentage of how many kids are excited to go back to school and how many parents are not excited for the school year to begin, it would b e a more reliable source. Findings in this article are trustworthy because it uses a lot of sources such as different people and different studies in different journals. This create s an unbiased argument.

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