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Problem Of Racism In America

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Racism is everywhere in many different forms. I remember in 8th grade, I went to Walgreen to get some make-up products. As was just searching through the products kept see, a lady behind me. So I walked away and she kept following me, so decided to leave and as I was leaving she asked me if she could see my backpack. So I gave it to her, she thought I was stealing because I was black. And from that day on still realized that there was still racism in America. Even though racism was bad back then it is still very prevalent and one of the world's major issues.

Many people are not aware of how much racism still exist in our schools, workforces, and anywhere else social lives are occurring. Between the years 1 450 though 1850 about 14 million African Americans were shipped to colonies in North America, South America and North Indies. About 90% Of these African Americans were kidnapped. And about 20-30% of them died on the route to these countries. These African American were know as indentured servants, which were a form of debt bondage that occurred in the early years of American colonies. And in 1 628 they started to sell these African Americans like a piece of object.

African men were sold for about $27 ND would serve as a slave for their entire life. Women and children would be sold for about $60. In the late 1660 the trans-Atlantic slave trade begins. And from the early 1 6th to the mid-19th century about 12 million to 13 million African Americans were taken away and sold. And in 1 787, slavery is made illegal by the Northwest Territory. A few years later in 1808 Congress bans the kidnapping of slaves in Africa. And the Missouri Compromise bans slavery north of the southern boundary of Missouri.

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During the slavery era which was from (1787-1863), many laws, acts, and amendments were created, some that helped slavery but many that banned it. In 1860 the Missouri Compromise was passed which prohibited the holding and ownerships Of slaves in the territory of the United States north Of the line. Also the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were passed which abolished slavery, made all African Americans free, and lastly allowed African American man to vote. And then in 1964, this biggest law that helped segregation in America was the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This law abolished segregation in public accommodations, public facilities, and employment. This acts helped crease the amount of segregation and racism in America. Even though there is still racism in America today. Jumping to present day, racism is still very active today because of the media. As we grow up the media becomes part of our everyday life whether we like it or not. The media is a major part of how racism is still very active in today's society. Since the early days the media has given racial labels. For example, in crime shows such as "Law and Order", and "CSS. When you think of crime, African Americans are the ones reflected as the bad guys. And the whites are often reflected at the "good guy'. The directors and writers use racial stereotypes to make a more interesting story with more suspects or people to target. Most types they target blacks because it's easy to point the finger at an easy target. America sees blacks as not capable or as important as whites. Racial discriminations is a big treat in workplace in America. Though is is not as noticeable as it was in the sass's it is still very prevalent today. Studies even show people of color are the last hired, and the first fired.

Even though we have Affirmative action which is used for diversity in the workplace, so hat discrimination can not be apart of the work environment. But that's not really the case owners of companies can always find away around the system. If we look at the bigger picture, in many big companies you barely see people of color as the top guy like the CEO. You always see a white man in those positions. My mom once today me that one of her friends was applying for a job and her name was really ghetto, so you could tell that she was black. So she applied and didn't get the job.

A few months later she decided to apply for the job again, with a name that you could tell was white, and she ended p getting the job. Discrimination in the workplace is still very prevalent, and although the awareness of discrimination has been increasing, some companies still face this problem. Racism has been so rampant in schools, and is expressed in many different forms. Some of the forms of racism in schools include name-calling, teasing, verbal abuse, and even bullying. Racism is experienced by all kinds of people in school. Racism in schools has a big effect on individuals, and the learning environment.

Racism in schools is enhanced by discriminatory policies and practices that exist in the school system. Some of these instances are ignoring incidents of racism, being bib in disciplinary acts against students based on their race. If we look at it most teachers are middle class white women, which can cause schools to be run by their values and beliefs of their classroom. Even today, I have noticed that most private schools are prominently white. Use to attend a private school when was in middle school, and I was the only black girl in class. And many times would get ignorant remarks from the students. Member one day, I was sitting down and this girl came up to me ND asked "do you live on trees and ride elephants". I was taken aback. Even though there is still racism in schools we have come a long one since the first desegregated school in Alabama. The "Little Rock Nine" where one first African American students to attend an all white school. Racism and unequal treatment had always been prevalent in the criminal justice system. African Americans have always been under control of the whites. The most effective way for the whites to keep that control would be though the criminal justice system.

For example, in "How to Kill a Mockingbird" a African American boy named Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white girl named Male Lowell. In the end the verdict, Tom was found guilty of charged. Similarly, around 1 940 a little boy names Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi by two white man for "flirting" with one of the man 's wife. After Till's body was found and the two white men, Were linked to Till's body they Went on trial. The two men Were acquitted Of Emmett Till's murder. This shows the power the criminal justice system has over African Americans. This is still prevalent today.

In early 2012 Traction Martin was fatally shot and killed my George Zimmerman. And in July 201 3 Silverman was found not guilty of all the charges against him. After this America was stunned many were upset and sadden. This shows that racism is very much in the criminal justice system. Lastly, racism is not only toward African Americans. Many races has experienced some type of racism. On September 1 1, 2001 four planes were hijacked by terrorist. And after that day many Middle Easterners experienced racism especially in airports. Many airports where strict on who that allowed in and out of the Lignite States.

Anyone who looked Middle Eastern was examined even more than anyone else. Also on December 7. 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Thus making the Unites States skeptical of every Japanese American. So they gathered all the Japanese people and put them in concentration camp. This act of racism toward Japanese was very viscous and made them feel like they didn't belong. In the end, they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, yet everyday single day someone is being judged based on their skin color. Even though racism is bad, it is still being practiced in schools, workplaces, media, and the rimming justice system.

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