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Power of Six Book Report

John is superhuman.He has several superpowers, including telekinesis and immunity to fire.2.

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John is brave. Despite being hunted by an entire race of aliens, he trains hard and never loses hope. 3. John is caring. He shows that he cares about how Sam and Six feel, and always puts them first. 4. John is determined. When training with Sam and Six, he is often bested in fighting by Six. This is hard for him, as she is a girl, and there are some stereotypes floating in his head, but he still always gets up to go again. 5.

John is impulsive. He often acts without thinking out of either anger or want. For example, when the leader of the Microorganism arrived on Earth, he walked straight into an energy force field after him, knocking himself out. Conflict sec 3 Internal Conflict – John loves Sarah, but he also likes Six, and is always around her that creates a tension between John and Six, which often tantalizing him to make a move on her. I chose this for the internal conflict because it is a classic love triangle, and brings a key emotional side to the story. , which is key to the story.

External Conflict – A major external conflict in this Tory is when 10 – 20 Microorganism attack John, Six and Sam. They burn their house down, attack and try to kill them and attempt to steal the chest that has John’s inheritance in it. I chose this as a main external conflict because it is the first real external conflict. It also shows not only the power of the Microorganism, but also how quickly and effectively they can find John and the other Lori as they only lived at that house a few days and it was miles from any other civilization. Genre sec 4 This story is science fiction.

It is sic-if because, first, there are two alien races involved: the Loire and the Microorganism. Also, there is some futuristic technology such as shuttles that can complete cross-galaxy trips, and weapons that shoot balls of energy, rather than bullets. Theme statement sec 6 Don’t Judge a book by its cover. Work hard and you can do great things. Plot map Exposition Six reveals her past, and how she was captured and detained by Microorganism. Rising Action John and Six and Sam are attacked in Florida. John, Six and Sam go back to Paradise and are caught by the FBI. Six helps John and Sam break out of prison after FBI capture.

Ella finds Marina’s chest, and Marina pens it. Crayon reveals himself as not Macedonian, but Lori. Climax John and Sam go to the hive, find the chest and find Nine. Falling Action Six saves Marina when Macedonian army attacks. The leader of the Macedonian race, Strauss Ra, arrives on Earth. Resolution Crayon decides that Six and Martina and Ella must go after the other Lori and unite them. Background The series starts when the planet Lories is invaded by the evil Nonagenarians. In Loris’s final hour, its inhabitants, the Lori, send nine children and their guardians to Earth on a large spaceship.

Each carries a locked chest that contains their inheritance. This chest is vital to their survival. They are numbered 1-9, their number will often be substituted for their name. A charm is put on them so that they can only be killed in the order of their numbers. 1 through 3 are killed. The main character, John –who is number 4 and up next to be hunted lives in Paradise, Ohio, but is found by the Microorganism, and his guardian is killed. However, he meets number Six and they travel together along with John’s human friend, Sam. The Power of Six begins at this point.

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