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Positive and Negative Effects of Having Boyfriend/Girlfriend

“Determination for Nature” It was 3:00 am, June 30, 2012. This day is Pista Y ang Cagueban, where all citizens of Puerto Princesa were ask to participate in planting a tree. It’s still dark that time but through the help of lights around the city Coliseum we are able to saw our group.

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Everyone was excited for the trucks to came, but the happiness was replaced by irritation of waiting the right truck for us. It was 6:30 am but the truck is not arriving yet. Others use their time talking to each other while the others keep silent.

Different ways to enjoy that moment. Of course together with our ever supportive teacher Ma’am Meorom who guide us what to do. And the thing we have been waiting for finally came so we leave. But going to Irawan is not really easy, through our way riding that truck, we feel tension because every time the truck is turning it makes an impact to us which is a dangerous one. But with the determination we did it, but we have to walk several miles to reach the venue, as we our footwear’s don’t look as it is before our footwear’s looks messy that time.

But we enjoy walking because we knew that we are doing this for our mother earth. Going there requires patience and determination without it we are not able to do it. Then you will realize that all the effort you had put will be replaced by the feeling you have if you reached that place. The trees are tall, the air is fresh, and everything there was perfect. Together with my classmates we did it successfully and it is our turn to do something to our nature. Some students plants mahogany and others plant bamboo.

After we finished planting we use that moment for taking pictures together. I’m so happy that day because even though that place is difficult to go through many peoples did it, so it means there are still people who are concerned with nature. As we walk through our way home, I had remembered a person said “You can do things possible if you will exert determination on it”. By:Deocelle BSED I-A