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Political Views on Social Inequality

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Social inequality is prominent within our American society today. It affects and usually deteriorates the potential success of different classes of people living in America. With major issues like this present within in our society, there are many people who think that they have solutions. These groups of people can be classified into certain categories that Americans would label as Conservatives, Liberalists and Radicals. Each group has specific ideals and beliefs that they hold on to.

They apply their values and beliefs into proposing probable solutions to society’s issues. When is comes to social inequality, each of these groups have many probable solutions to racial, gender and wealth inequality. Racial inequality has to deal with the affected success of different races due to societies influence, policies, and rules. Gender inequality is the failure to treat males and females as equal individuals of society. Wealth inequality is the lack of distribution of assets among the many people in America.

Conservatives are stereotyped to be majority of rich white males, so it may seem like social inequality is a low agenda for them. In reality, it’s an issue that is just as important. Nevertheless people think that “conservatives are racists” because they do not think its necessary to make rash decisions and changes to society. Conservatives believe social inequality is caused by shortcomings of society. Their solution to racial inequality is not as elaborate because they feel as though there is not a big enough problem to fix in that area.

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Yet, if there is going to be change, it must be very cautious and subtle. For gender inequality, conservatives believe that humans were not born perfect and not everyone is capable of doing whatever they want. So when it comes to gender inequality, they do not full heartedly fight for the feminist movement because it is their belief that if men are excelling more in society, then its meant to be like that. As for wealth inequality their solution to that is to the have the market in control with low taxing so it is more like an aristocracy.

In order to address wealth inequality, Conservative individuals would try to help unemployed individuals go back to school for higher education. They may encourage ways to make them more approachable and prepared for better careers. Other than that they will not go through long strides like libertarians or radicals. They want their concentration to be on family religion, morals and tradition. Libertarians want to see slight change in how our government works. They are not extremists like radicals, but they are a little more comprisable.

They seek reform in order to fight against social inequality. Libertarians and Radicals make it more obvious than conservatives that social inequality is a major issue. Libertarians want power to the people that live in the country just as radicals do. When it comes to wealth inequality they want there to be a smaller discrepancy between rich and poor. That means increasing minimum wage and taxing people that are rich. Radical can either choose to be on extreme ends. Either they can be really conservative or really libertarian.

They just want to go above and beyond in every decision and movement being made. It sounds like they are Libertarian because they want to see change in the government, but they seek more drastic changes. In terms of gender inequality, feminists in this group feel like the country is letting men overpower women. Therefore radical’s solutions to these problems would be protests aiming to change government completely with a different system, which does not seem feasible. Overall, people who are conservative, liberal, or radical seem to come from certain backgrounds.

Those who seem to have good income would rather be taxed less and promote conservative views. Yet those who may receive welfare and need financial help may favor libertarian views of wealth equality. When it comes to racial and gender equality the rich go towards liberal and the poor go towards conservative views. This is not true for everyone, but it’s a general trend that seems to be true. Therefore, radicals are not as common. Conservatives and Libertarians are more feasible but many side with different points of each group of people.

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