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Poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

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To read and understand the literature, it must be read slowly and using all the senses in it. Literature could teach us several things to understand life and their situations. The purpose of this writing is to discuss a literary work through a personal experience. The poem that will be discussed in this essay will be “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. This is her famous poem ever known. This author is a very good writer, I am reading her poems for the first time and I liked her poems so much.

This poem suggests that we can overcome difficulties in life, despite rejections and injustice. It also discusses racism and all the problems black people could have because of the discrimination and all the things that involve racism. It is a call for the blacks to be proud of their origin. The black person (the author), seems liberated from her color. This poem also tells to us the importance of being strong in front of the worst circumstances. And no matter the situation, you can overcome and learn from it.

In this case, the author exposes the racism in the time of slavery. The poem has a very positive tone. Also, it is written for all type of people, I mean that anyone could read it and would understand its purpose very easily and quickly. The author says that no matter what, she will still rise. This poem has a lot of feelings; you can feel it when you are reading it. I think that the author had a painful past to have written this poem. Also, it is written for all type of people, I mean that anyone could read it and would understand its purpose very easily and quickly. You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise. ” Maya Angelou in this verse openly shows the white people discrimination towards black. Everyone has had a moment of discrimination in life, where we have spent many negative things. I have being identified personally with the author. Although I was not present at the time of slavery, I have been a victim of much other discrimination. I have been a victim of many other negative things that I have passed.

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Poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

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About a year and a half ago, I lost my boyfriend because of a chronic disease. Now, my dad has the same disease and that makes me feel very sad, because I'm living the same situation. It is a very difficult situation, because I am reviving all the things that I passed along his disease. But I have been overcoming and willing all of it with my Lords help. Sometimes, we feel that we can’t live with a very strong emotional charge. That is when we have to be reborn and rise as the author says in her poem.

We have to rise and overcome all the problems and situations in our life even worse than the most. In conclusion, life is not easy as it seems. Life is full of obstacles and setbacks that we couldn’t avoid because fate wants it that way. I think that people have always to believe in themselves and don’t let other people to put them down. As the author, Maya Angelou has rise despite all the bad and painful that ever happened her life. We need to learn from this poem and take example. I think it's a very good poem to enhance and analyze the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

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