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Plant manager organizational behabior

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The new plant manager
1.Discuss the model of organizational behavior Butterfield used and the kind of organizational climate he created Answer;
He created an autocratic model, in which every employee in the factory had to respect and do whatever he ordered. He made some new rules that all the employees had to follow or they could lose their jobs. This model is based on power and obedience, employer power and authority and employees obedience. The organizational climate in this plant it's like I was saying, a climate of respect with the manager and hard work, everybody doing their job to archive the goals. 2.Discuss why productivity dropped when Butterfield left the Houston plan Answer:

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Plant manager organizational behabior

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This might be for different reasons, but what I think could be the most reasonable is that the new manager didn’t follow the model that Butterfield was using in this plant; instead he changed the model and the employees didn’t respect him as they respected Butterfield and started working in a lazy way taking down productivity and budget 3.If you were Butterfield's New York manager, what would you tell him about his approach? How might his respond? Answer:

I would star letting him know his work was wonderful and the company is very happy about his work, secondly I would tell him that company is promoting him because of his outstanding record in Houston finally tell him that we are thinking in the appropriated job for him. I think the only way he may respond is in positive way. He can thanks them for the opportunity the company gave him when they sent him to Houston and now for be promote one more time in his career. Also letting them know he is ready for his new job

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