Planning a rough draft for the advert

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2021
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For my coursework I was asked to create an aftershave advert for men. So I started by planning a rough draft for the advert. The first thing I had to think of was a name for the advert. I wanted the name to be appropriate and to convey the qualities of my product. So I used the name Narcissus. I remembered reading a myth about a Greek boy named Narcissus who was so in love with himself that when he saw his reflection for the first time in the water he thought it was someone else and he spent the rest of his life gazing at his face. So now in the modern world; the word used for someone who is full of themselves is narcissus. I used this name for my product to make my audience think that if they used the product they would like the way they look and felt more. So I wrote the name at the very top of the page in block letters.

I also needed a slogan for my advert. I thought of different ones at first like- Love life and love yourself or something like be in love with yourself. But they all sounded like something you will see in a female advert so to make it more masculine I wrote Break out of your shell in different colors to make it standout. I liked this slogan because it could make my audience think that if they used my product they will be so comfortable with themselves that they would be free to do almost anything.

I then drew the product at the bottom right hand corner of the page. It consisted of the bottle as well as the package in which it will come in and I placed them side by side. Then I drew the picture of a man in a suit behind the perfume at the centre of the page. Finally, I wrote the website at the very bottom of the left hand corner of the page. After finishing the rough draft we were asked to create and advert that was similar to it on Adobe Photoshop. I started off by creating a back ground. I hadn't made one in my rough draft because I hadn't thought of it. Since my slogan was Break out of your shell I decided to use the picture of fireworks. I went to goggle and got an appropriate one of the images n I set it for my background.

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Next - I wrote my title - Narcissus at the top of the page like in my draft with the help of the word tool. Then using the blending options tool I made the letters drop a shadow and glow. I then colored each alternative letter dark purple and black. For my slogan, I wrote it below the title and then using the gradient tool I colored it a soft dark purple and white.

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