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Physical Science

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The first thing I had to change was the first shelf where the red ball rolls down. Then I had to hang up the 5lbs. then switch the sides of the brown lever at the bottom. After I had to put the elastic of the slingshot with the little ball. The last thing was hang the bucket up.

Part 2

The first to do is push the first domino. It causes the rest of the dominoes to fall and push the first pink ball. The pink ball will roll down the ramp. As the ball is rolling, it will hit and push another pink ball.

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The second pink ball will roll down into a small skinny tube. When it falls, it will push up the other side of the lever. When it goes up, it will make the string loose and make the scissor cut the string. When it cuts the string, the weight will fall and break. When it breaks the water inside of it will go through the tube, pouring inside the bucket. The bucket will get heavy and pull down the string, which the end is tied to the lid of a cookie jar opening the cookie jar. Analysis questions:

  1. In the device, it shows a closed system because all of the items stay in the area. The items were the 2 balls, the bucket with water and the dominoes.
  2. To change a thermos into an open energy system is by opening the lid.
  3. Energy is never created or destroyed; it is just passed on to other different types of energies, like potential to kinetic or potential to mechanical energy.
  4. One place is where the dominoes fall and push the first ball. The second is when the bucket full of water pulls down the string to open the lid of the cookie jar.

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