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Pest Analysis Finland Tourism Industry

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Self and Peer Evaluation, by 30 April 2013 In the evaluation you will have to think, evaluate and write about what you and your class mates have learned during the study unit and how you and they have taken part in the lectures and group assignments. This assignment is set to bring new insights to one’s own thinking and to support personal learning. The point in this task is to evoke critical thinking, practice selfreflective skills and connect one’s personal learning to previous experience. Self-reflection helps you in learning new skills for instance in these areas: ? aintaining an attitude that is both open-minded and sceptical; ? objectively gathering, evaluating, and synthesising information; ? forming reasonable judgments, and conclusions; ? developing a tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity; ? exploring and evaluating alternative perspectives In particular, you should pay attention in your reflective evaluation on the following issues: ? Capture the point of the study unit briefly in your own words. Begin the paper with a short summary of the study unit, about its objectives and contents and your personal goals when attending the study unit.

What makes it interesting and relevant to tourism business and for my future expertise? ? Identify and present at least 1-3 new things you have learned during the study unit. Weigh their value for your work possibilities and your future studies (e. g. your Thesis). ? Identify and present 1-3 expertise areas in which you want to improve your skills. Evaluate them in the light of your work possibilities and your future studies. ? Comment on the group work, the workshops and the lecture sessions from the perspective of active participation of students, and the role of the teachers.

Also, in the case of group work, you can comment on the amount of work and how it was divided within the group. ? You may also want to comment on some challenges you faced in completing the study unit. ? Also, add in a brief feedback of the course (at least one + and one –). This evaluation paper should cover the issues captured above, and it should be at most 1 A4 pages long. It is not so much about the length but the analytical, selfreflective level of the text. Please upload the paper into the folder in Optima by 30 April 2013. Best regards, Paivi & Petra

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Pest Analysis Finland Tourism Industry essay

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