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Pest Analisis for Any Fast Food Resturent

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Advance Professional Diploma in “Strategic Hospitality Management” Assessment: Labour market strategy; 1) Define labour Market: Labour markets exist on two levels; factual and perceptual. At any one time, people will be seeking employment or trying to change their jobs. Simultaneously, employers will be seeking new employees. Wage rates will be set, recruitment policies implemented, people will need training, people will have to move. This is the daily life of labour market. (Smith, A. 1976 ). ) List three labour market factors: a) Skills Shortages b) age c) overseas staffing. 3) a) Skills shortages :With the rapidly changing nature of the workforce and labour market, including skills shortage and the raised expectations of working people, job design now has to consider a wider range of factors than merely designing the task and work content of jobs. Job designers, i. e. most managers, will need to focus more than before on the conditions of work rather than just the job content.

Such issues will include more flexible working hours, providing support for women returners, more autonomy, etc. in addition to eliminating menial tasks requiring scarce skills. Other dimensions include the need to ensure that forms of discrimination are not created or perpetuated, intentionally or unintentionally, through job design. (Michael J. Biella, Steven G Turner 2005 b) Age: Both the young and old sometimes feel that they do not get the respect they deserve.

They need to know what is going in the department and how well they are doing their jobs, just like anyone else. Make them feel like part of the team. Young workers want to do work they consider worthwhile and have fun doing it. They want their supervisors to listen to them, to let them participate in decision making. Not surprisingly, they do not want supervisors to bark orders military-style. They like to have time and money invested into their training and development. Do not have higher expectations of older adults than of their peers, and don’t patronize them.

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Pest Analisis for Any Fast Food Resturent

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