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Perspectives on Humanities

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I remember a boy named Alexander, a boy who turned out to be my greatest companion. I will justify my master’s life to be the most productive one, although death came along at an early age of 33 he had reached what he wanted in his life and he had surpassed all the battles that came along his way. My master’s life was not an ordinary life, he became of what he is because of his hard work, dedication, wisdom and his will. He was a man of honor and great courage.  Let me tell you how Alexander and I met and became comrade. Alexander was just a young boy at the tender age of twelve when I was brought to his father first for the cost of thirteen talents.

I was a wild young stud then but Alexander was wise enough to know why am I not at ease with my rider, he adequately studied me, talked to me softly and rode me into the sun so that I would not be able to see my own shadow; seeing my own shadow caused me to be shy. Alexander named me Bucephalus or Oxhead, he owned there and then. In the early days of my years he was my mentor, he taught me how to be tough and strong enough for any battles that was ahead of us. He trained me how to be a stallion that is worthy of being called a wondrous one. He was my protector during battles; he gave his might during those times and gave what I have to give to protect him also. It was a wonderful life I had with him, I gave everything that I have got for he was my master and I owe everything to him.

As a young boy, Alexander learned how to distance himself from the shadow of his father. Alexander and I grew up together, to say the truth; we were like of the same age.  What King Phillip and Alexander had was a competitive relationship; he loved her mother so much though. Because of this, he mends his own ways to be able to surpass what his father had reached and to be able to proudly say that he is Alexander the great conqueror.

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Perspectives on Humanities

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We have travelled the world together, seen the beauty of each and every track of land we lay our foot upon, and I have been his accomplice when he managed to conquer the world and built his mighty empire. Alexander has learned to do things in his own way even when he was still a child. I was one of the chosen few who have seen how he had managed to rule the world not because he was a descendant of the King of Macedonia, King Phillip but because he was Alexander, a great warrior. I have been a witness to what Alexander had done; I was a witness to his greatness in the battlefield. I was there with him, I’ve seen him do things the smart way or what have become to people the Great way.

 Alexander was always a tough leader; he had managed to show this during our restless battles that we have both been through. His troop were always there to assist him whenever he needed them, his people showed loyalty to him and he showed his loyalty to them as well. Although Alexander was hard on the battlefield he was not as hard when it comes to me. He showed me the love that I needed; he never pushed me to my limits. Alexander would always know whenever I need caress and he would always give it to me.

To my mighty king, Alexander the great, I salute him for the many things he had taught me. I wouldn’t have been who I am if not because of him. I thank you Alexander, my comrade, for I had the opportunity to be with you on your last battle. Life wouldn’t be this meaningful for me if you were not my master, and for that I am thankful. I was lucky to be there with you during your last battle.

To my mentor, friend, companion and master, Alexander, thank you and Goodbye. May the fruit of your hardships be recognized by the whole Universe, may your legend be told in the future generations of human race, and may your name become undying and forever living in the hearts of your people ("The Confessions of Alexander the Great: 33 Lessons in Greatness,").

The Confessions of Alexander the Great: 33 Lessons in Greatness [Electronic Version] from

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