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Humanities-Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece and Roman civilization comparison The first Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece. These games were part of the “Panhellenic Festival, instituted in 776 B. C. E in honor of the Greek gods”. The Olympic games occur in an every “four-year periods beginning with the first games in 776 B. C. E. ” The Greeks had many sports such as, “200-yard sprint, footrace, wrestling, long jump, and boxing. ” Greek athletes competed nude. However, women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic games. The Greeks believed that a “true sport was that which gave athletes an opportunity to rival the divinity of the gods. In contrast to Greece, the Romans had a “variety of brutal blood sports. ” Gladiator fights were “introduced in Rome in 264 B. C. E. ” These games would symbolize the power of the emperors. In Rome, these events were held in the Coliseum. Gladiators fought wild animals. “Most Gladiators were criminals, prisoners of war, or slaves. ” They were trained in schools and were forced to take part in the events. The Olympic games and Gladiator fights are different because in Greece it was mostly sport festivals, while in Rome it was representation to honor the emperors.

Greek architecture monuments were designed to serve the living. One of the many type of Greek architectural structures is the Parthenon. It is a temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of war. Built in glittering Pentelic marble. The Parthenon represents the “apex of a long history of post-and-lintel temple building among the Greeks. ” The functions of the Parthenon, was to “display statues of the gods, for the rulers to go and sacrifice and worship in as a recognition of the protection provided by the gods. In contrast, Roman architecture reflected the practical needs of the empire. The Romans are considered one of the greatest architects of ancient times. Also the Romans made good use of the “aqueducts, arches, vaults and domes. ” For example, the Pantheon is “a temple dedicated to the seven planetary deities. ” Its exterior is covered with a “veneer of white marble and bronze. ” The Pantheon has many features such as, “a portico with eight Corinthian columns originally elevated by a flight of stairs that now lie buried beneath the city street. Greek and Roman architecture are similar because Roman architecture was based on the knowledge of the Greeks. Although there’s a difference because Greeks used single row columns for actual structural support, while the Romans were progressing technologically and using rows of concrete columns for luxury purposes. The arts in Greek were based on Humanism, Realism, and Idealism. The Greeks used the abstract geometric methods in their paintings. For example, Greek artists painted their “ceramic wares with angular figures and complex geometric patterns arranged to enhance the shape of the vessel. Greeks painted mythology, literature, and everyday life in “waters jars, wine jugs, storage vessels, drinking cups and bowls. ” In contrast, the Roman art was based in Pictorial Realism paintings. The Romans decorated their “meeting halls, baths, and country villas that were inspired by Greek murals. ” Roman art was illustrated in mosaics. This is a technique by which “small pieces of stone or glass are embedded into wet cement surfaces or plaster surfaces. ” Also Romans illustrated landscapes to show affection to their pleasure of nature.

It’s clear that Greek art and Roman art are different because both civilizations used different techniques for their art and showed different interested in what they were trying to portray in their paintings. Roman art was based in Realism while Greek art was more Idealistic. Greek literature was based in the Classical Style in Poetry. This is a combination of the “arts prevailed in most forms of religious ritual and in public and private entertainment. ” For example, Hellenic literature was filled with passion and tenderness written in lyric poetry. In contrast, Roman literature reveals a masterful use of Latin literature.

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Romans use literature for the purposes of “entertainment, instruction, and record keeping. ” A Roman notable style of literature is the Roman Epic Poetry style. For example, “Rome’s foremost poet-publicist, Virgil wrote the semi legendary epic that immortalized Rome’s destiny as world ruler. ” Virgil’s poems were not an oral tradition but a literacy epic. His work became the “monumental impact of Latin language. ” Greek literature and Roman Literature are similar because they both include comedies, poetry and epics. Also Greek literature dealt with myths while Roman Literature was based on triumphs.

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