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What personal factors can affect your success in school

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Place Great news! Your answers show that having a place to study is not really a once for you. You understand that your study environment will significantly impact your academic success, and it's vital to invest in a dedicated, appropriate location to study along with investing in yourself. Now, the next steps are to clearly communicate your intended study plan of times and places so that your family and friends can provide support. We're here to see you succeed, so please contact us or ask your advisor for suggestions and resources.

Meantime, here are some helpful tips below. Reason Bravo! You have well-defined, strong reasons for going back to school. To pep this fierce focus, we suggest that you write down the ways that this course will transform your life. Then, occasionally review this list to stay motivated. While attending classes, either online or at the local campus, we encourage you to build a network with other students for motivational support (Tip: our new Phonetician is an ideal first step. Meantime, your advisor can provide valuable resources needed to successfully complete your educational goals. Resources Bravo! You have a solid level of resources and support and recognize that in addition to enrolling in school, you need to enroll people in your life who can e your "cheerleaders" and motivate you on your academic journey. Let them know you appreciate and need their support. When an issue crops up (e. G. , childcare) explore your network for every possible solution so that an issue won't stop your educational progress.

Also, providing your advisor with a clear picture of your educational goals will ensure that you are consistently encouraged and supported. When you need additional help, your advisor can help guide you to resources and provide other support. Students like you Often share their experiences and tips with their academic network, so that others can learn by example. Skills You appear reasonably concerned about the academic skills needed to go back to school. That's k.

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We recognize and applaud students who can now bring life experience to the classroom and who have different learning styles. We want you to be successful, so we offer access to various workshops, tutoring, and other resources. Developing a dedicated study plan with clear objectives, plus proactively seeking resources and support, will build your skills and confidence to help overcome future obstacles. Take a moment to talk with your advisor about all the options (I. E. , online or local campus courses) that will best fit your needs.

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