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Parenting Teenage Boys and Education

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Keeping your cool and staying firm without letting your guard down.Do we all know how to keep our cool at the moment of a disappointment with our teenage boy? Parenting Teenage boys can be a hell of a rollercoaster ride what matters most is the foundation you lay out for them when they are young.

Being a role model speaks volume. Communication is the key element to connect with your teen. Parenting is a challenging task, but with the proper guidance and understanding parents can raise their son's to be their best and to succeed. "Therefore parents who refrain from corporal punishment seem to have a more positive outcome and are more successful in being able to get their Teen to focus on their education and every aspect of their life."

Development: Making your teen aware of the changes in his body, the knowledge on sex, alcohol, drugs and weapons.

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Connecting: Learning how to communicate with your teen and their emotions.Educational attitude: Schooling them on the importance of education and the impact it has on their lives.

Boundaries: Teaching them about consequences. Identifying core values: Knowing what makes them valuable and making them aware of it.

It requires us as adults to be good role models and be the best example for them in all aspects of their life from beginning to end. This includes when they begin their development as adolescents and begin the early stages of puberty and start having a desire for sex, and talking to them about alcohol and the danger of drugs and weapons. Connecting with your Teen allows you to be able to communicate and connect with what they are feeling.

Also it is very important that we understand the attitude that they have about Education and help them understand the impact it can have in their lives. Also putting boundaries to show them that crossing that line has consequences. Also being able to identify their core values will help the process. As a parent sometimes you have to walk the talk.

Unfortunately some parents use corporal punishment while others completely abstain from such due to their beliefs and morality of the situation. As for me and in my opinion and experience I find that corporal punishment does not work for me due to my upbringing in which I never agreed. I feel that violence does not resolve anything and will only result in negative behavior coming from your Teen.

This includes them rebelling towards you in many ways, not sleeping well, not eating well, not focusing in school and affecting their surroundings in general.

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