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Executive Summary

Whether we like it or non we are all impacted by branding, from the apparels we wear to what we eat, thrust and consume. Although we are familiar with corporate stigmatization and selling, personal stigmatization is a technique where you concentrate on the accomplishments and attributes that make you stand out from the remainder of your equals.

In his book `` 7 Habits of extremely effectual people '' , Stephen R Covey uses a powerful visual image exercising, where readers are asked to visualize themselves at the funeral of a friend merely to detect that it is their ain funeral. He asks readers to believe about what they would desire their household, friends, co-workers and community to state about them at their funeral ( Covey, 1999 ) . I believe that by concentrating on the properties discovered through this exercising I will hold a greater apprehension of my ain personal trade name and besides detect the values at the nucleus of my ain ego.

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In my assignment I have reviewed literature and articles to place the stairss which could be followed to better personal stigmatization and have so applied these to my ain personal place. I besides circulated a questionnaire to measure consciousness of trade names and to measure my equal 's perceptual experience of the trade name `` Paul Delaney '' . By concentrating on the perceptual experiences of others, I will place any premises I have about my ain personal trade name and assist happen countries necessitating betterment.

As a director taking a squad of nine employees, I must develop a different accomplishment set to accomplish success. This assignment will assist to place accomplishments, personal properties and features that can be developed to heighten my repute and standing amongst my equals.

What is personal stigmatization?

Ad and selling has a important impact on our personal picks from the apparels we wear to the nutrient that we consume. We are invariably having messages from advertizements to carry us to purchase their merchandise over that of a rival. To make this, selling companies strive to tie in their trade name with the values which they believe their client base is interested in ( e.g. doing a merchandise more environmentally friendly etc. ) .

Personal stigmatization is a small different in that you are the merchandise being advertised. However, it has many similarities to corporate stigmatization - you want to be associated with the values that you believe do your trade name distinctive ( e.g. strong analytical accomplishments etc. ) . Harmonizing to William Arruda, personal stigmatization is `` cognizing what 's reliable to you, distinguishing from your equals and relevant and obliging to your mark audience, and utilizing that to make your ends '' ( Martin, 2009 ) . By concentrating on what differentiates you from your equals, you can better your trade name equity.

What is Brand Equity?

In his article `` Developing your Personal Brand Equity '' , Alan Vitberg ( Vitberg, 2010 ) said that personal trade name equity consists of ;

The intangible value persons have in footings of ability to act upon others by leveraging their experience, expertness and repute.

The relationships they have built and maintained.

The touchable value they bring in footings of part to their employer.

To better your personal trade name, Vitberg recommends that each individual should get down by replying one inquiry `` What makes you different and why should people care? '' and utilize this to construct a personal trade name statement.

Social Capital

Social capital relates to the sum of influence and the figure of relationships I have within the web of people I know either socially or professionally. The suggestion is that by increasing the figure of people in my web that I can trust on them to back up me in times of problem ( e.g. such as assisting to happen me a occupation if I am made redundant ) . In bend, I can utilize my web to back up others from my web ( e.g. I found occupation chances for my brother when he was made redundant ) .

To increase my web, I have joined the online professional web `` LinkedIn '' . I now have over 50 connexions with other professionals with whom I have come into contact. I have besides joined the popular societal networking `` Facebook '' to increase my societal web.

Symbolic Capital

Symbolic capital relates to the grade of repute and honor that I have within my professional and personal life. Respondents in the study completed as portion of this assignment rated me extremely in footings of honestness and trustiness. This is really positive acknowledgment from my equals and one that I am really proud to detect.

The 2nd most often identified property that respondents gave in the study was that I was reliable and dependable. Again, this is positive in that it can be argued that holding a repute for being reliable and dependable consequences in higher symbolic capital.

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is hard to mensurate, although I have achieved success in the country of educational makings. I was awarded a 1st category honor in my undergraduate grade which distinguishes me from the others in my twelvemonth as merely a smattering of alumnuss achieved this degree of making. Besides, in take parting in the MSc in Business Management in NUI Maynooth I am distinguishing myself from my equals in that lone 3 of the other directors in EBS IT have achieved/are seeking to accomplish a Masters degree making.

Economic Capital

This facet of Bourdieu 's theory relates to ownership of stocks, portions and by and large any pecuniary wagess. I do non have any stocks or portions, but late bought my ain place. I besides have a figure of modest investings.

Make a Personal Brand Statement

Based on an article by Alan Vitberg ( Vitberg, 2010 ) , I have created a personal trade name statement. Having a personal trade name statement will assist me to concentrate on the properties and features that define how I want to be perceived.

`` I am a diligent and trusty undertaking director with a repute for attending to item and holding strong job work outing accomplishments. I have more than 5 old ages experience in taking a squad of IT professionals from multiple subjects, in presenting successful undertakings for a fiscal services company on clip and within budget '' .

Make a Personal Mission Statement

In his book `` 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples '' ( Covey, 1999 ) , Covey suggests that should concentrate on what you want to be ( character ) and to make ( parts and accomplishments ) and on the values or rule upon which being and making are based. I have besides drawn from the study in Appendix 1, to detect the properties and accomplishments which I associated with to assist construct this mission statement.

By on a regular basis reexamining this mission statement, I hope that it will assist me to maintain focused on the character and values that I deem to be of import.

I want to be successful at place foremost, so in my calling,

I want to be known for being honest and trustworthy,

I want to be known as a just and understanding foreman who can actuate employees,

I want to be known for presenting high quality undertakings - on clip and within budget,

I want to be seen as more of a risk-taker,

I want to be more outgoing and run into more people.

Update my sketch

Like many people, it has been some clip since I have updated my sketch. To be honest, the last clip I updated my sketch was in 1998 when looking for my current occupation. I will make my ain sketch ( refer to Appendix 2 ) with a focal point on what I have achieved in my calling.

I have followed the `` 5 twelvemonth sketch '' stairss as outlined in an article by Dennis and Ruth Laker in the Journal of Management Education ( Laker and Laker, 2007 ) . In this article they suggest that mapping out where you are now against where you want to be in 5 old ages will forestall calling impetus.

As quoted in Laker & A ; Laker, Jack Welsh, CEO of General Electric said `` Manage your fate, or person else will '' . I believe this quotation mark means that each of us should be proactive and pull off our ain calling to guarantee we achieve what we want to accomplish, be this publicity, work life balance or self betterment.

This measure is complete ; delight mention to Appendix 2 - My Current Resume.

In this measure I focused on what I would wish my sketch to look like in 5 old ages clip. It includes extra educational accreditations, rank in professional organic structures, occupation rubrics and voluntary activities. Within Appendix 3, I have completed a 5 twelvemonth sketch as outlined in this measure.

In their article, Laker & A ; Laker suggest that I should get down this measure by inquiring myself a figure of inquiries as set out below ;

What do I desire to make in 5 old ages?

I would wish a farther 5 old ages experience as an IT Manager along with another 3 old ages as a Senior IT Manager, be that within my current administration or elsewhere.

Who has served as your manager? Who would you wish in the following 5 old ages?

I have been coached in the field of undertaking direction and proficient expertness by several IT directors. In the coming old ages, I would wish to concentrate on People Management and Financial Management.

What farther instruction programs do you hold?

I plan on finishing my MSc in Business Management and would wish to prosecute a making in Compliance. Conformity is a growing country in concern and I believe holding a making in this country would farther distinguish me from my equals.

What professional administrations would you fall in?

Having late joined the Irish Computer Society, I would wish to go to some of their seminars and presentations to construct my apprehension in the field of engineering.

What country/county do you desire to populate in?

Having late bought a place in the town of Maynooth I will probably stay here for the following 5 old ages, nevertheless in the longer term I would wish to populate in the countryside someplace around Maynooth.

What personal involvements will you hold in the following 5 old ages?

I would wish to better my public speech production accomplishments and besides to increase my work in the community. I would wish to take part in a community service ( such as Tidy Towns or running a occupants association ) .

 Identify Short Term and Long Term Goals

Based on the difference between my current sketch and my 5 twelvemonth sketch, my short term ends are ;

Get married

Complete my MSc in Business Management

Derive a farther 5 old ages experience as an IT Manager

Seek functions with my current employer that will let me to develop my people direction and fiscal direction accomplishments

My longer term ends are ;

To volunteer for community strategies such as Maynooth Tidy Towns

To volunteer for the occupants association for my country

Enrol in the Compliance Officer of Ireland class

 Create an Action Plan

In 12 months clip - get married ( in May 2011 ) , develop my people direction accomplishments, develop my fiscal direction accomplishments, seek employer part towards finishing my Masters,

In 24 months clip - Seek employer part for Compliance makings, develop my public speech production accomplishments

In 36 months clip - participate in community strategies such as Maynooth Tidy Towns, participate in my local occupants association

In 48 months clip - Measure my sketch and accomplishment set against industry criterions.

In 60 months clip - Seek chances to be appointed a senior director.

 Reappraisal my action program on a regular basis

In measure 5, you are urged to regularly reexamine your Action Plan and your 5 twelvemonth sketch to do certain you are on mark and if non, to set the program as necessary. I plan to put aside clip one time a month to reexamine my sketch, 5 twelvemonth sketch and action program to guarantee all is in order.

Join administrations for Information Technology professionals

The PriceWaterhouseCoopers `` Personal Branding Week '' e-book ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2010 ) suggests that you should fall in industry associations to link with other people in your country of expertness. As portion of this assignment I joined the Irish Computer Society ( ICS ) . The ICS is an association of Irish computing machine and engineering professionals that seeks to advance industry criterions and developments. The ICS tally seminars and give presentations which will assist to develop my cognition and apprehension in the field of calculating. I will endeavor to go to as many of these seminars as possible.

The PriceWaterhouseCoopers `` Personal Branding Week '' e-book ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2010 ) suggests that you should make an on-line profile on the professional networking site, LinkedIn. You can happen my profile on the undermentioned nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // I have accumulated 55 professional contacts over the past 3 old ages. I have updated my professional experience and have entered resume information.

As I meet new contacts, I add them to my web and maintain in touch to guarantee our relationship stays current and up to day of the month. As yet I have non used this web site to use for occupations or to seek applications for places that become available, although I can see that this will go a larger portion of the web site over the coming old ages.

I besides have an online profile on societal networking site `` facebook '' and `` Twitter '' . I merely began utilizing these sites when I began the MSc in Business Management in NUI Maynooth.

I besides plan to take part in my local occupants association and volunteering my clip in community strategies. This will heighten my local repute and help my calling by demoing I take my societal duty earnestly.

Continue Charity Work

The company I work for, EBS Building Society, has a strong repute of working with charities. Recently members of the IT squad participated in the Movember run to bring forth financess for male prostate malignant neoplastic disease research. I was portion of an international run to `` alter the face of work forces 's wellness '' by turning a mustache for charity. The EBS Movember squad raised over a‚¬21,500, doing us the squad with the highest contributions in Ireland. This is something I will go on to back up in the hereafter.

Choose an appropriate Leadership Style

In his book, `` Leadership and the One Minute Manager '' , Henry Houser recommends that directors should orient their leadings manner depending on the person with whom they are covering ( Houser, 1985 ) . To make this, he recommends that all employees should be graded harmonizing to their competency with the undertaking and their committednes to the occupation.

Develop the 7 wonts of extremely effectual people

In his book `` 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples '' ( Covey, 1999 ) Stephen R Covey suggests that to be effectual we must follow the following 7 wonts. By going more effectual, I can better my repute and heighten my calling. Although there is a batch of information within the book, I have sought to condense the information into specific action points that I can follow to guarantee I become more effectual ;

 Beryllium proactive

In this wont, Covey reminds us that we all have the power to command our responses to a stimulation. We decide how we are traveling to respond to hard state of affairss, in fact Covey states that `` our most hard experiences become the melting pots that forge our character and develop the internal powers, the freedom to manage hard fortunes in the hereafter and inspire others to make so every bit good '' .

Covey suggests that we should take the enterprise and go proactive in our linguistic communication and actions. For illustration, when you encounter a hard state of affairs do n't state `` I ca n't make that because... '' alternatively seek utilizing `` What else could I make to decide this state of affairs '' .

Using this technique with the people who work with me will better their motive and authorise them to do their ain determinations.

Begin with the terminal in head

Although this measure has been covered elsewhere in this assignment, in brief Covey suggests that we should take a minute to see the impact of our actions before taking them. By concentrating on the terminal province that we have in head, we can guarantee that we achieve success. The writer recommends a simple exercising where you conceive of yourself at your ain funeral and place the features you would desire to be remembered for. He so suggests that we should utilize the end product from that exercising to make a personal mission statement.

Put first things foremost

Habit # 3 relates to the things you could make ( that you are n't making now ) that if you did on a regular footing, would do a enormous positive difference on your personal or professional life.

One cardinal facet of Habit # 3 is Time Management. Covey suggests that we should organize undertakings and put to death them around precedences.

Covey besides suggests that you should construct a agenda of undertakings and that you should take a few proceedingssevery twenty-four hours to reexamine your agenda. Within Appendix 4, I have built a agenda for the coming hebdomad.

Habit # 4, Think win-win means to come up with solutions to jobs that are reciprocally good. In this circumstance everyone if happy with the determination and is committed to its success.

Habit # 5, Seek foremost to understand, so to be understood is where we should seek to understand the job before seeking to decide it. Our inclination is to hotfoot to a solution as we feel force per unit area to decide the job, but it is of import to listen carefully to all sides of the job. Merely so will you decide the issue decently and guarantee that it does non return once more, therefore blowing more of your clip.

Habit # 6, Synergise, can be summed up in one statement - `` two caputs are better than one '' . You should pool the corporate cognition of all interested parties. The sum sum of everyone 's engagement is greater than the sum of each persons input. Everyone solves jobs otherwise and if facilitated right they can come up with successful declarations to jobs.

Habit # 7, Sharpen the proverb, is where we should do clip for Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional and Spiritual reclamation. The thought is that we should do clip each twenty-four hours to reexamine what we are making and take a balanced attack. Possibly our clip is non being put to effectual usage? Possibly there is an easier manner to present on your undertakings?

Personal Branding Survey

The study was constructed in three parts ;

Part 1 relates to trade name acknowledgment where I asked respondents to place five good known trade names and personalities.

Part 2 was about trade name repute, where I asked respondents if they believed that six personalities that have had good publicised jobs could retrieve their reputes.

Part 3 was about the trade name `` Paul Delaney '' where I asked respondents about their perceptual experience of me. Mention to Appendix 1 for farther item.

Trade name Recognition

In the study I asked respondents if they could place 5 trade names and personalities from images provided.

For inquiry # 1, 91 % of respondents right identified Oprah Winfrey as the personality in the image.

For inquiry # 2, merely 18 % of respondents right identified Tommy Hilfiger as the personality in the image.

However for inquiry # 3, 45 % respondents right identified the Tommy Hilfiger logo from the image provided. This is despite the study being printed in black and white so the coloring material of the logo was non seeable, and besides the `` Tommy Hilfiger '' give voicing being removed.

-All respondents identified Coca Cola as the trade name in inquiry # 4 - despite the diction in the logo being in Chinese instead than English.

About half of all respondents identified Louis Vuitton as the trade name of pocketbooks in inquiry # 5.

Brand Reputation

In portion two of the study, I investigated if respondents believed that the personalities in inquiry could retrieve their repute following the jobs they encountered in recent old ages.

Interestingly, a big figure of the personalities have been accused of rip offing on their spouses but were judged otherwise by respondents as to whether they could retrieve their repute. 91 % of respondents believed that Ronan Keating could retrieve his repute, but merely 40 % believed that Ashley Cole would make similarly.

Appraisal of Paul Delaney 's accomplishment set

In portion three of the study, I sought to look into how my co-workers perceived my accomplishment set based on visual aspect, frequence of squad and single meetings, listening accomplishments, feedback on public presentation, trust to cover with a grudge, motive, undertaking direction, communicating and deputation accomplishments.

From the study I discovered that the overall perceptual experience of my co-workers is good, nevertheless the three countries necessitating most betterment are ;

Frequency of Individual Meetings with employees ;

Motivational Skills

Deputation Skills

The undermentioned seven properties were identified by respondents as those which they would most tie in with Paul Delaney. The highest consequences were returned for Honesty/Trustworthiness and Dependability/Reliability. To me, these are really positive consequences as these are values which essential to my ain personal trade name.

From the responses I can see that I have a repute for being organised, but that this mark is non every bit high as I would wish. I will better this country of my professional development over the approaching months.

In contrast to the properties associated with me, I asked respondents to place the properties which they would non tie in with me. My hope was that respondents would place properties which would non be in line with my values. However, of the 6 highest properties identified by respondents, the lone point I would wish to better is that of risk-taking. It is interesting that 70 % of respondents do non tie in me with being a hazard taker.

When asked to place accomplishments that they believed best described me, respondents identified the following 8 highest hiting accomplishments ;

I am really happy with the consequences above. A big portion of my occupation is pull offing undertakings, placing jobs and executing analysis.

When asked to place accomplishments which would non depict me, respondents identified the undermentioned accomplishments ;

I am disappointed with some of the consequences above. It is clear that I need to develop my accomplishments in the countries of Coaching and Establishing thought leading. Although other accomplishments are lower than these, I believe that concentrating on bettering my public presentation in these countries will take to a stronger professional image.

The highest per centum of respondents, 55 % , identified the function of `` Project Manager '' as the function which I would be in if I were take parting in a group undertaking. This is a positive response as my current calling is mostly focused on being a undertaking director.


In decision, I have found the exercisings performed as portion of this assignment to be really good to my ain personal growing and in bend to my ain trade name. Making a mission statement and personal trade name statement has helped me to concentrate on the properties that I would desire to be associated with. I believe that by increasing my web through LinkedIn and fall ining the Irish Computer Society I will be exposed to new and exciting challenges that will farther develop my accomplishments and increase my visibleness in the computer science and fiscal services industries.

From the study conducted I discovered a figure of countries which I would wish to better. I believe that by concentrating on these countries I can better my repute and develop the repute of employees describing to me. I believe that I can turn to the countries necessitating betterment by following the stairss outlined below, although it remains to be seen if they will be successful:

Increase the frequence of Individual Meetings with employees

Although the 73 % of respondents to my inquiry `` Do you believe that one to one meetings are held often plenty? '' were happy with the figure of single meetings, there was a important spread in single responses. I will place the employees that feel they would profit from extra meetings and guarantee that clip is allocated to this Non-urgent, but of import undertaking.

Better my Motivational Skills

In his book, `` Introducing Organization Behaviour & A ; Management '' ( Knights and Willmott, 2010 ) , Knights & A ; Willmott refer to Locke and Latham 's theory that claims by puting different public presentation ends I can actuate employees and acquire the persons to execute better. I will try to utilize SMART aims ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time edge ) when puting aims. Locke and Latham 's theory is based on 4 wide propositions ;

Difficult ends lead to higher public presentation

The higher the end the higher the public presentation.

Praise, feedback or engagement in determination devising makes a difference to what people

Goal-setting can besides increase the attempt people make to detect ways of run intoing a end.

Better my Delegation Skills

In the study, 75 % of respondents were happy with my deputation accomplishments, nevertheless this means that 25 % of employees were non happy. In his book `` Delegating Authority '' , Andrew Schwartz ( Schwartz, 1992 ) recommends that when deputing a director should guarantee:

Meaningfulness - to guarantee the undertaking is seen as of import, valuable and worthwhile.

Responsibility - to guarantee employee takes personal duty and understands that they are accountable for their public presentation on the undertaking.

Knowledge of consequences - directors must give feedback on public presentation.

Increase my Organisation accomplishments

When asked to place 6 properties of Paul Delaney, merely 27 % of respondents identified me as being organised. By utilizing the techniques discovered in Covey 's `` 7 Habits of Highly Successful People '' ( Covey, 1999 ) I believe that I can heighten my administration accomplishments which in bend will better my repute ( e.g. more frequent squad and single meetings ) .

Take more hazards

70 % of respondents identified that Paul Delaney is non known as a Risk-taker. Initially I was happy with this as I am non a risk-taker. However I believe that an component of risk-taking is necessary to be a good director. I will endeavor to take appropriate hazards and to believe of alternate solutions to jobs. I believe that this type of attack to job work outing would promote employees to seek alternate solutions that might be more successful than traditional attacks.

Adopt a Coaching attack to employees

In their book `` Peopleware, Productive undertakings and squads '' ( DeMarco and Lister, 1999 ) , DeMarco and Lister recommend that directors should promote peer-coaching. The suggestion is that you should place a `` instructor '' and `` scholar '' for a undertaking and set into gesture the transportation of cognition. Over clip, the functions of `` instructor '' and `` scholar '' will reassign amongst the squad with an overall betterment in public presentation. In fact, this procedure could be done without employees even being cognizant of the coaching being done.

Establish thought leading

In their book `` Successful Directors Handbook '' ( Davis et al. , 1996 ) Davis et al.make some suggestions on how to act upon others. Some of their suggestions are that a director should ;

Increase your leading impact - for illustration, ever present yourself to new groups and persons, be steadfast and direct when saying outlooks etc. This is besides recommended in PriceWaterhouseCoopers `` Personal Branding Week '' ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2010 )

Better your leading by inquiring for feeback. This is besides recommended in PriceWaterhouseCoopers `` Personal Branding Week '' ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2010 )

Become more self-asserting - be prepared to do your point even if others might differ. This is besides recommended in PriceWaterhouseCoopers `` Personal Branding Week '' ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2010 )

Fix your arguement taking the place of the other parties into history.

Communicate and clear up your vision, show enthusiasm.

Influence the determinations of upper direction - be clear about how your suggestion will profit the administration, if the impact of an thought on your country is negative, allow the senior direction know.

Better my Communication Skills

In his book `` Communication and Knowledge Sharing at Work '' ( Cullen, 2008 ) , John Cullen suggests that directors should foremost understand their communicating manner. To make this Cullen outlines a simple exercising to follow. Having completed this exercising I discovered that I am a Directive Communicator ; I meet marks that have been decided by others by using a strong manner of communicating that is chiefly focused on doing certain that instructions are clearly understood and implemented.

This communicating manner is appropriate for my current function, nevertheless for publicity I would necessitate to develop a `` Promotional Communicator '' manner whereby I would develop the schemes for my section, instead than being an implementor.

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