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Operation management as a function

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In large organizations, the operations (or production) department is usually responsible for the actual transformation of inputs into finished products or services. Accounting collects, summarizes, and interprets financial information. Distribution deals with the movement, storage, and handling of inputs and outputs. Engineering develops product and service designs and production methods. Finance secures and invests the company’s capital assets. Human resources (or personnel) hires and trains employees.

Marketing generates demand for the company’s output. However, some organizations never need to perform certain functions. Other organizations may save money by contracting for a function, such as legal services or engineering, when they need it, rather than maintain an in-house department. In small businesses, the owners might manage one or more functions, such as marketing or operations, themselves. III. Managing Change Change is inevitable and most of the project manager’s deal with more than the share of it on any project.

Most of them tend to think of change in terms of problems or negative consequences. Although it’s true that change can be bad, it can also be good. The four key factors for success when implementing change within an organisation are: • Pressure for change – demonstrated senior management commitment is essential • A clear, shared vision – you must take everyone with you. This is a shared agenda that benefits the whole organisation • Capacity for change – you need to provide the resources: time and finance

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• Action – and performance – “plan, do, check, act” – and keep communication channels open The Project manager’s need to deal with three different elements of change management: The first element of change management deals with the authority level of the project manager. You need to make sure that you have the authority to approve and deny changes that impact your project. The second element of change management involves setting up an environment that fosters good change management.

You need to communicate with the entire project team to set expectations on how changes on the project are to be handled. The third element of change management involves setting up a system that helps you determine that a change has been requested. This system also helps you decide if you should make the change and allows you to track the change regardless of whether it is approved or denied.. Questioner for Derby Zoo Hi. I appreciate your precious time by answering this questionnaire regarding the Organizational operational management.

It aims to determine how the organization operates on the fundamental 18 determinants of service quality. It is also the purpose of the study to discover the experiences of the organization and each employee, and how those experiences helped build the organization. This questionnaire is composed of multiple choice and some essay questions. This includes questions pertaining to your service quality. Answering this questionnaire will take only 15 minutes of your time, and we express our swarming gratitude for your support and cooperation. Thank you and more power.

Operation management as a function essay

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