Operating Model Definition

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l assist in the integration of processes throughout franchises 200 locations. The main location will have the ability to make changes to expectations or processes and make them available to all of the 200 locations from the main location without having to go to each location individually. This operating model will improve the structure and processes of the 200 franchise locations by making it possible to reach out to all of them at once whenever necessary changes are needed to be made.

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Each location will also have the ability of reporting to the central location any changes as well as request to make changes and send in any data that would prove the necessity of the proposed changes without needing to go to that individual location to address whatever issues at hand. Ralph’s Ribs is unlike any of the other sample organizations because it lacks an actual formal IT setup since all data is sent in from the 200 franchises as individual batch files.

The chosen model would help in any of the four scenarios; however it would prove to be a vital asset for Ralph’s Ribs as it would help standardize all processes throughout the 200 franchises making it easier to manage the data coming in from the franchise locations. The chosen operating model would assist in saving time thus allowing the organization and its franchises to make additional advancements which would allow them to implement their sales and marketing strategies.

When saved time is utilized it opens the door to unlimited opportunities, in this case Ralph’s Ribs main location would save an enormous amount of time if the individual reports from its 200 franchise locations were sent into a database that was setup to receive and sort the data from the franchise locations.