One of My Worst Days

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I received unbelievable news that changed my life forever. While sitting at "Designing U" hair salon with my mother Lashed all morning, boredom soon kicked in. I logged onto Backbone and started reading many deviating posts that all mentioned a guy named Drew. As time went by, I started to wonder was everyone talking about my church friend Dander Johnson. Once realization set in, my biggest fear became true.

While continuing to read the Backbone posts, I came across Dress cousin Davison Johnson status. Davison explained how he couldn't believe something this tragic appended, "Drew was the light of everyone eyes, he was always caring and helping anyone with anything", says Davison. Not only was Drew his cousin they were like two peas in a pod. From going to the same school all their lives, to becoming stars on Bilabial High School football team. As minutes passed by my father Charles contacted my mother lashed and l.

He informed us that Drew had been out all morning with two of his friends. The two other teenagers were a boy and a girl, whom I don't know personally till this day. The young lady was known to be the driver, according to her, while driving down highway 78, he swerved to dodge another vehicle and lost control of the car. With the vehicle flipping and neither of the teens wearing seat-belts it didn't make the situation better. The two teens were rushed to the RE and My church friend Drew was pronounced dead at the scene.

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I had many unanswered questions to why this occurred. For instance, "Why did Drew have to be the only one? ", "Why couldn't he leave this world a peaceful way" and "Why couldn't his family and I see him walk across the stage this year? ". Drew would've been a senior this year and would've had the chance to shine on the football like he Ovid doing. His football number, #52, was spray painted onto BBS football field as the team played in the playoffs last November.

Their school also recognized his family and framed his Jersey. This incident brought everyone closer. Till this day everyone still remembers him as the kid who dreamed to make it to the NFG one day and as the loving and caring person he was. I have realized that people's leave sooner than expected and no longer question God because I know he makes no mistakes. I always tell myself that Drew and I will reunite one day.

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